Boston, Feb. 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- XenoTherapeutics, a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing alternative gene therapies in xenotransplantation to supply living cells, tissues, and organs for patients in need, announced the hiring of Dr. Michael Yaremchuk to serve as its first Chief Medical Officer. In addition to advising XenoTherapeutics on clinical operations, Dr. Yaremchuk serves as Director of Craniofacial Surgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), where XenoTherapeutics is currently conducting a Phase I clinical trial of its first product, Xeno-Skin™.

“Solving the global shortage of human organs and tissues will require a visionary team with a commitment to relentless change. I believe that team exists at XenoTherapeutics, which is why I am proud to oversee the company’s clinical trial operations as it begins expanding from theory to therapy,” said XenoTherapeutics CMO Dr. Yaremchuk. “In 2020 we plan to complete a trial that will continue to test the acumen of our surgical teams. I accept this role with a strong commitment to oversee our pursuit of tomorrow’s xenotransplantation solutions.”

“Having known Dr. Yaremchuk for years through our shared service at MGH, I welcome his courageous belief in firsts to the medical operations in our clinical trials,” said XenoTherapeutics CEO Paul Holzer. “Dr. Yaremchuk has spent years at the forefront of allotransplantation and brings decades of surgical experience to this new role with XenoTherapeutics. Under his guidance, we will continue advancing xenotransplantation from cellular to surgical.”

About Dr. Michael Yaremchuk

Dr. Yaremchuk is the Chief Medical Officer of XenoTherapeutics. In addition to advising XenoTherapeutics on clinical operations, Dr. Yaremchuk is Clinical Professor of Surgery at the Harvard Medical School and Chief of Craniofacial Surgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital. He is the Program Director for the

Combined Harvard Plastic Surgery Training Programs and the Massachusetts General Hospital Fellowship in Reconstructive and Aesthetic Craniomaxillofacial Surgery. His laboratory research has addressed the clinical application of tissue engineered cartilage and vascularized composite tissue allotransplantation. Dr. Yaremchuk is currently involved in efforts to bring xenotransplantation into the clinical reconstructive lexicon. He obtained his undergraduate education magna cum laude at Yale College, where he was captain of the lightweight crew team. Dr. Yaremchuk received his M.D. from the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, general surgery training at the Harvard Deaconess Surgical Service, and plastic surgery training at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

About XenoTherapeutics

XenoTherapeutics’ vision is to stave off preventable mortality and convert the hope of second chances into reality. XenoTherapeutics has pioneered the clinical advancement of xenotransplantation by initiating human trials for the first-in-human, live-cell xenotransplantation surgery with Xeno-SkinTM.  XenoTherapeutics and their collaborators support and vigorously adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and policies governing the ethical treatment of animals, including the Animal Welfare Act and Public Health Service Policy of Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals. More information is available at


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