MINNEAPOLIS, March 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Upsie, the new way to warranty, today announced that it is extending its warranties to fitness equipment, including treadmills, rowing machines, exercise bikes - including Peloton, Nordic Track - and more. Upsie empowers consumers to purchase a warranty from the convenience of a mobile app for popular personal items like smartphones, electronics and appliances. With Upsie, consumers save 50-90% on the same warranty coverage being sold by big box retailers and other warranty providers. Its warranties on fitness equipment are also transferable, helping to increase the value and appeal to a future buyer if you want to sell.

Fitness equipment is a huge investment for any consumer, and having a good warranty is essential. According to Upsie, you will have to pay for labor and parts and the price will depend on the complexity of the repair. The most expensive type of fitness equipment repairs come from screen or display malfunctions where the system controls are housed. These types of repairs average $800 to repair. Other common issues include broken treadmill belts that can cost anywhere between $200 to $300, just for the parts. And even simple things like household dust is a common cause of early and costly equipment failure.

“Consumers thoughtfully research options prior to making an investment in exercise equipment, but may not be as prepared for protecting that investment. The frequent use of exercise equipment makes it vital to have a good warranty because repairs can really add up,” said Clarence Bethea, CEO and founder of Upsie. “However, don’t feel pressured to buy a warranty at the register because you could get hit with a bad plan and highly inflated fees. At Upsie, we don’t want you to compromise your fitness program or your finances. Our warranties take out the margins so you can keep the money in your pocket while enjoying protection without any hassle. And best part all, you stay on track with your fitness goals.”

Upsie is disrupting the archaic $47B product warranty industry by offering consumers reliable protection without the huge markup, confusing policies and hard sell. Upsie puts the power in the consumer’s hand with a simple and convenient app. With the Upsie app, you can search warranties and prices, scan barcodes while shopping in store, and even get warranty coverage up to 60 days after a purchase. With a few simple swipes you can purchase warranties, start the claims process and even renew coverage wherever and whenever it's most convenient. And, best of all, if there is a problem with large products like fitness machines, Upsie offers on site home repair so there is no hassle in transporting your items anywhere.

Key features of Upsie For Fitness include:

  • The same quality coverage that's sold at big-box stores or other providers, but at a 50 to 90 percent discount over traditional prices (depending on product).
  • Reliable protection through Upsie's partner, Centricity, an A-rated insurance provider with a consistently high level of customer service.
  • Transferable warranty so if you sell your fitness equipment, the warranty will transfer to the new owner.
  • On site repair that allows you to avoid transport hassles. With Upsie, we come to you.
  • A simple, intuitive interface for browsing, comparing and buying warranty plans for hundreds of products. Barcode scanning and search features allow users to compare and buy warranties while shopping, whether it's an in-store or online purchase.
  • A 60-day window to purchase coverage on a new product, instead of a hurried point-of-purchase decision. Simply buy the coverage needed, and then scan the receipt for proof of purchase. It's that easy.
  • No deductible on warranties.
  • Tracking and reminder features that catalog all warranty purchases, receipts and claim instructions, while sending prompt notifications of expiring coverage. Say goodbye to a hodgepodge of file folders and shoeboxes that get turned upside-down whenever a claim is made.
  • Terms and conditions in plain English that clearly explain coverage limitations, claim processes and exclusions, so there are no surprises. In addition to protecting the products people love, Upsie also protects from legal mumbo-jumbo overload.

To learn more, visit https://upsie.com, download the Fun Fitness Facts infographic at https://api.upsie.com/api/modelimage/L-upsie-ten-fitness-facts-2020.

About Upsie
Upsie was created in 2015 when CEO and founder Clarence Bethea discovered inefficiencies in the warranty industry. The Upsie mission is to make warranties affordable, simple and easy-to-use. From smartphones, to appliances, to power tools, Upsie protects thousands of devices. Anyone can purchase product warranties on the Upsie website or mobile app, where warranty information is stored and can be easily accessed. For more information on Upsie, please visit: www.upsie.com or download the free Upsie app.

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