Fort Lauderdale, FL, April 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lithium is a trace mineral that supports healthy cognitive function, brain health and possibly even longevity. Now, Life Extension is proud to launch its newest stand-alone Lithium formula: Lithium 1000 mcg.

“We’re excited about this new supplement,” said Dr. Michael Smith, Life Extension’s Director of Education. “Lithium is a critical brain mineral that promotes brain cell function at an optimal level. Unfortunately, due to the use of strong water filters, lithium may be too low in a lot of aging adults for optimal brain support. This innovative product helps to maintain healthy lithium levels.”

The brain naturally creates certain types of proteins vital in neuronal communication and function. A healthy brain has a natural, built-in process for removing the accumulation of these proteins, which declines over time. Preclinical studies indicate that lithium helps support the breakdown of these accumulated brain proteins and promotes the brain’s normal process for clearing cellular debris from your brain cells.  

This health promoting mineral also helps protect your brain’s neurons (called a neuroprotective effect). It does so by inhibiting an enzyme called GSK3. This enzyme is involved in the way your brain metabolizes glucose or blood sugar. So, lithium may help maintain already-healthy glucose metabolism in your brain.

In places where lithium levels in drinking water is high, people tend to live longer. Additionally, research has observed that some people on long-term, high-dose lithium regimens have longer-than-expected telomeres—the outside ends of chromosomes that protect our DNA sequence. There’s also some evidence that lithium may help inhibit cellular senescence—a natural part of aging where cells no longer function optimally—as well as help promote healthy circadian rhythms.

At high doses, lithium has been traditionally used for mood health support. But Life Extension’s formula offers a much lower and safer dose than what is customarily used to promote mood health—while still providing robust benefits. A single vegetarian capsule offers 1000 mcg of lithium. Additional information can be found at

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