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In all types of vehicles including passenger cars, and commercial vehicles, air conditioning systems have been an important feature over the years. The post-market integration of air conditioning systems in vehicles is a valuable development in emerging countries, and this pattern is expected to dominate for the next couple of years. In addition, technical advancements in quality and performance have led to affordable air conditioning systems enabling their presence on the automotive industry. The above factors are therefore supporting the development of the vehicle air conditioning compressor industry.

Technological restrictions, maintenance issues, and high prices of luxurious vehicles should not go unnecessarily at high price in order to ensure the steady growth of global automotive AC compressor market over the forecast timeframe, The global automotive AC compressor market's players have a significant chance to launch a new lightweight, powerful AC compressor at a reasonable price. The global automotive AC compressor market will likely see significant growth over the projected period thanks to technical advances to provide better low-cost goods coupled with the growing application of AC systems in automobiles.

Regional Outlook

Asia Pacific had a principle market share in 2019 owing to the growth of the IT industry, which has expanded job opportunities that increases disposable income among people in turn increase the passenger cars in the region. In the last few decades, demand for transport has also risen, leading to a steady rise in the automotive industry mainly in China, India, Japan, and Korea.  

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North America is projected to grow at a good CAGR amid the anticipated period. The rise of cars sold is increasing year by year particularly in the US which ultimately increases the demand for automotive AC compressor.

Europe is expected to be a developing market in terms of production among other nations, including UK, Germany, Italy, and France, with demand for cars on the rise. Shift in consumer attitudes towards environmental management and the need for effective and portable heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems is expected to accelerate development in the area. In addition, the customers must continuously update the components of automotive heating systems to strict regulatory requirements and environmental legislation in the industry, which have a beneficial impact on the market.

About the Market

Compressors play a significant part in ensuring the air conditioning systems in vehicles operate reliably and smoothly. The latest air-conditioning and ventilation systems (HVAC) offer a air comfort for occupants of vehicles at a wide variety of temperatures from warmer to colder temperatures. The variable speed and efficiency of the machine satisfy these criteria. In order to promote a confined space, heat rejection compressors retain the required flows and refrigerant pressure in the device.

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Key Players & Strategies

Participants include major global players such as TD Automotive Compressor, Toyota Industries, Gardner Denver, SANDEN USA, Robert Bosch GmbH,  Michigan Automotive Compressor Inc., Denso Auto, General Auto, Others.

Business companies have the chance to put in successful device compressors at affordable rates from a technical point of view. The big trend among global players is continued advancement of the machine compressor architecture to reduce its size. The competition between the major companies in the compressor market in the global automotive air conditioning industry is high. Thanks to rapid technnological advances in the market, this competition is likely to increase in the coming years. Major industry players are increasing their research & development investment so as to provide consumers with more efficient and cost-effective goods.

Denso Corporation has launched hybrid bus technology, which is smaller, lighter and more fuel efficient. Compared to previous models, the model has built-in electric compressors that are around 50% less efficient.

Market Segmentation

Automotive AC Compressor Market By Type

  • Rotary Vane
  • Swash Plate
  • Scroll

Automotive AC Compressor Market By Vehicle Type

  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Passenger Cars

Automotive AC Compressor Market By Geography

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Latin America

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