BOCA RATON, FL, May 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE ‒ Smart Decision, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SDEC) ("Smart Decision" or the "Company"), a next-generation consumer-based LED & CBD algorithm innovator, is proud to announce the Company’s continued efforts to provide consumer advocacy and protection in the burgeoning CBD marketplace. In particular, the Company has identified several trends that further reinforce the long-term viability and value of the Company’s proprietary, patent-pending “Smart Decision” algorithmic CBD product platform (

“Consumers are being roped into spending too much on something they simply don’t need right now,” commented Adam Green, CEO of Smart Decision. “The coronavirus pandemic has justifiably fostered many new behaviors as people try to find the best way to promote health and well-being during difficult times. But that also creates potential inefficiencies in the marketplace, and they generally work to the disadvantage of both consumers and producers over the long run.”

The Company points to one worrying trend in particular: consumers have started to purchase CBD in higher-than-necessary dosages. Management notes that this is contrary to evidence that, for most consumers, the extra expense for the higher dosage will provide no added benefit despite the added cost.

Green continued, “This is a blatant example of the ‘Law of Diminishing Returns’ in action. We understand the science here, and the higher dosages aren’t going to have any impact. People are simply throwing money away for no upside. Over the long term, this hurts everyone involved.”

Management notes that the Company continues work on its first-mover algorithmic solution following its successful debut at the USA CBD Expo 2020 in Las Vegas in February. Developed in partnership with MIT-trained computational engineers, the Smart Decision CBD platform is designed to help new CBD consumers face the daunting challenge of understanding and acting in the unfamiliar landscape of a highly complex marketplace, where decisions related to potency, volume, grade, delivery mechanism, and bioavailability are required in every transaction.

“As we get closer to public launch, we continue to be excited by the idea that consumers will be able to pinpoint the right CBD products for their specific needs,” concluded Green. “We are tracking the trends right now, and we will continue to do this without consumers spending additional money for absolutely no reason. A better, more effective, more efficient market benefits everyone.”

About Smart Decision, Inc.

Smart Decision, Inc. has researched and is developing algorithms for the consumer and business LED Lighting and CBD markets. With their patent-pending “Smart Decision” algorithms, the confusion of selecting the right product(s), whether for LED or CBD, will be significantly reduced. Ultimately, Smart Decision, Inc. believes that selecting the right product the first time dramatically cuts down on product returns and creates a positive purchasing experience for the consumer.

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