LiquidX transacts first trade on next-generation LiquidX 360 platform

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

Executive Summary:

  • LiquidX has transacted its first trade on the new LiquidX 360 platform.
  • The new product integrates A/R, supply chain finance, and trade credit insurance onto a single web-based platform.
  • Cloud-based design allows for rapid delivery of new products and features.

NEW YORK, May 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LiquidX, the global network for working capital, trade finance and insurance, announced that the first trade has been transacted on the next-generation LiquidX 360 platform. This industry-leading technology platform seamlessly integrates the existing supply chain finance, accounts receivable, and trade credit insurance into a single web-based platform.

“Until today, corporate treasurers have relied on disparate, brittle, and expensive technology platforms to manage their working capital,” said Jim Toffey, CEO at LiquidX. “Our customers asked for an all-in-one platform that enables them to execute smarter, faster, and cheaper. That’s exactly what LiquidX provides. We built LiquidX 360 on the idea that the corporate treasurer should be able to control their entire workflow for transacting, monitoring, risk management, and reporting from a single easy-to-use interface, and we chose the name ‘360’ to highlight this unprecedented consolidation in functionality.

“LiquidX 360 customers don’t have to work with multiple applications and vendors to manage their portfolio. Our customers can transact in accounts receivable, supply chain finance, and trade credit insurance within the LiquidX platform – at a fraction of the cost that our competitors offer.”

“The new LiquidX 360 platform vastly expands and improves our capabilities for A/R, Supply Chain Finance, and Trade Credit Insurance,” said LiquidX’s Head of Product Andrew Chu, “and the modular design allows us to continuously deliver new features and products to our clients. By ‘trading up’ to LiquidX 360, our corporate, funder and insurance clients can access working capital solutions with unprecedented efficiency. “

“LiquidX 360 is built with world class information security that will meet the standards of any financial institution. Data privacy and security are at the heart of the platform relying on the most sophisticated data encryption and storage standards on the market,” explained Albert Hofeldt, CTO at LiquidX. “The next-generation 360 platform is completely rearchitected and re-engineered to deliver a highly flexible and scalable unified framework easily extending across many asset classes and workflows. Our new cloud-based solution enables rapid design and delivery of new products through configuration of uniquely engineered tools and services--this means faster products to market.”

The new 360 platform will feed a suite of interactive business intelligence and data analytics tools which customers will have access to this summer, including machine learning tool kits which can be integrated with customer systems.

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Through its leading technology and diverse network of global participants including major corporations, banks, institutional investors, and insurance providers, LiquidX provides the next-generation platform for participants to transact across the trade finance, working capital and trade credit insurance asset classes in one place. LiquidX has executed over $26B of trade volume since 2016. To learn more about our industry-leading solutions, please visit

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