TORONTO, May 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the province is beginning to reopen various services, We Clean COVID19 Inc. (“”) continues to work towards controlling the spread of the deadly coronavirus and help flatten the curve. HAZMAT abatement and the decontamination/sanitization of new, resale and rental homes; commercial spaces; institutions and industrial properties are the Company’s main focus. Emergency cleaning services for COVID-19 outbreaks are also available.

WeCleanCOVID19’s professional licensed crews employ a systematic method of sanitization utilizing industry-standard safety protocols, state-of-the-art equipment and supplies to reduce adenosine triphosphate (“ATP”) to a level at which the SARS-CoV-2 virus (the cause of COVID-19) cannot thrive (lower than 50 parts per million).

"It is crucial for everyone to follow the CDC guidelines of regular hand-washing and practice physical distancing in order to control the spread of the virus, but it is also equally as important to ensure the spaces that are being entered have been adequately disinfected and ATP levels indicate the virus cannot thrive. This includes your homes, cars and places of work. Enlisting the services of a hazmat abatement company such as WeCleanCOVID19 will bring you peace of mind that the space is acceptable to enter," said Paul J. Correia, environmental consultant, Assurance Environmental Inspection Services Inc. "As the province begins to reopen certain businesses, such as restaurants, gyms etc., the public needs reassurance that all high contact surfaces have been effectively cleaned and are safe to touch and if a virucide is included in the cleaning protocol, test readings would indicate the surface was properly treated."  

Protecting your loved ones is at the heart of WeCleanCOVID19. Everyone wants to feel secure knowing that the spaces they enter are certified clean and as virus/pathogen free as possible. With recent reports indicating that the virus can survive much longer in the ambient environment than previously understood, a pro-active culture and philosophy of safety is crucial. Since we don’t always know what constitutes “safe enough,” we are compelled to reduce risk wherever possible. Reducing risk requires anticipating challenges and acting in advance.

“My life’s work has been studying the relationship between the human body and the built environment. When the pandemic hit, I immediately worked with my partner to refocus, retool and join the fight to reduce the spread of the virus,” said Mitchell Moshenberg, COO and co-founder, We Clean COVID19 Inc. “The path to reopen local businesses and instill confidence in entering various spaces includes a regimen of thorough deep-cleaning and sanitization. That is of the utmost importance.”

COVID-19 has spread across the province so rapidly that more than 22,900 Ontarians have been afflicted and the virus has caused over 1,900 deaths since the outbreak. The need for proper decontamination is crucial to help control this pandemic. has already taken action and started the cleaning and sanitization to control the spread.

WeCleanCOVID19 Services

  • Realtors/Agents (buy, sell or rent)
  • New Home Development (new homes, condos, apartments)
  • Commercial & Industrial (plants, warehouses, offices)
  • Retail (restaurants, stores, sports & entertainment complexes)
  • Automotive (dealerships, car rentals, ride-sharing, taxi’s, fleet vehicles)

Level 1 – Precautionary Sanitization (no suspected contamination)

  • HEPA vacuuming of complete space
  • Detailed hand spraying, fogging and/or electrostatic deployment of EPA approved, environmentally-friendly, anti-microbial, organic disinfectants (indoor and outdoor)
  • Treat all surfaces: floors, walls, windows (complete environment)
  • Wipe down of high contact areas and surfaces

Level 2 – Sanitization for Suspected Contamination

  • Secure work area and restrict access with critical barrier (6 mil poly)
  • Provide continuous negative pressure within the enclosed area using portable HEPA-filtered exhaust fan
  • Complete Level 1 service

Level 3 – Sanitization for Confirmed Contamination

  • Secure work area and restrict access with critical barrier (6 mil poly)
  • Provide continuous negative pressure within the enclosed area using portable HEPA-filtered exhaust fan
  • Complete Level 1 service
  • Each project undertaken follows a site-specific work plan or specification developed by a health & safety professional

Instilling Peace of Mind controls the level of ATP from all touch zones within the space cleaned to a level that inhibits the spread of the COVID-19 virus. After each cleaning, an environmental engineer inspects the property, conducts a swab test to ensure the ATP levels are safe and provides a certificate so anyone entering the premises will know it has been disinfected & sanitized and is safe to enter. Quick Tips

  • Physical distancing of at least two meters (six feet)
  • Regular washing of hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, including between the fingers and thumbs and around/under nails (alcohol based hand sanitizer can also be used)
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth; cough or sneeze into your sleeve if you don’t have a tissue or handkerchief
  • Regular cleaning – don’t forget that there’s a difference between cleaning and disinfecting; just because space(s) have been cleaned to remove dirt and grime it doesn’t mean it has been disinfected to remove germs. To properly disinfect one must use a cleaner that has been labelled as a “disinfectant”; these can be found in most grocery, home improvement, household utility stores and pharmacies
  • Masks are encouraged to be worn as many can be asymptomatic and therefore could infect others
  • For CDC compliance, deep cleaning and sanitization of any space, hire a professional HAZMAT abatement professional

About We Clean COVID19 Inc. (“”)

A Canadian environmental company, was founded in March 2020 by serial entrepreneurs Mitchell Moshenberg and Louis Paulozza. Experts in the construction and building restoration industry for more than 25 years, WeCleanCOVID19 specializes in the control of ATP levels to reduce the presence of viruses and pathogens and the abatement of hazardous materials, for residential, retail, automotive, commercial and industrial properties.

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