MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Treehoppr, a leader in software solutions that help businesses better manage and engage their workforces, today announced the launch of Referral Booster, a seamless candidate referral app for Slack. Referral Booster is the latest product in Treehoppr’s portfolio of employee-friendly HR solutions, which includes the #1 Slack app for tracking time-off, PTO Ninja. 

Employee referrals are an integral piece of the hiring process — and one of the most effective at sourcing high-quality candidates. According to CareerBuilder, 82% of employers rated internal referrals above all other candidate sources. Traditional HR platforms, however, do not provide a simple way to promote job listings and encourage internal referrals. While many companies offer bonuses and other incentives for referrals, employees often are unaware of a specific job opening and don’t engage in the process. 

Today, in the midst of adjusting to long-term remote work and a growing pool of talent, companies that are hiring must ensure they’re using employee-friendly HR tools to quickly identify and engage with top talent. Treehoppr’s Referral Booster is an easy to use Slack app that simplifies the referral process for both employees and HR departments, helping companies tap into employee networks quickly and organically.

“Even now, amidst such economic uncertainty – friends want to help friends, in-demand people are still in-demand, and many teams are growing,” said Kevin Corliss, Treehoppr founder and CEO. “In fact, the majority of tech employers are still actively hiring, but need a better way to find awesome candidates. Referral Booster facilitates invaluable candidate connections through employee networks in a way that is intuitive, quick, and engaging.”

Referral Booster sources open job listings from existing recruiting systems and creates automated announcements in Slack. Hiring managers have the flexibility to create announcements that highlight specific departments or postings pending the urgency of filling a role. And employees don’t have to deal with the friction usually tied to referrals. Instead, with just two clicks, a referral is submitted and Booster automatically transfers the info to a company’s applicant tracking system.

Companies using Referral Booster will have access to the following features:

  • Digestible, easy-to-use Slack interface
  • Gamification of referrals to boost employee engagement
  • Filtration based on urgency and need 
  • Integration with existing recruiting and applicant tracking systems

Learn more about Referral Booster at

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Treehoppr builds software products to help businesses better manage and engage their workforce. The company’s Slack-based apps, including PTO Ninja and Referral Booster, streamline HR processes to positively impact employee wellness, productivity, and retention. Treehoppr is used in over 65 countries by customers like Gitlab, Toptal, Miro, and Affinity. Find out more at

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