PROVO, Utah, May 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SmartyStreets, a leader in location data intelligence, announces the release of the new US Autocomplete Pro API, a service that improves data governance at the source and simplifies address data entry in real time.

The US Autocomplete Pro API starts suggesting valid addresses as soon as the user first starts typing an address. All addresses suggested are 100% validated, standardized US addresses, and are returned to the user in a fraction of a second. Additionally, the API can determine if an address should also include a unit number, and will suggest valid unit numbers to the user accordingly. This ensures rapid, precise data entry, thereby ensuring clean address data in business databases.

“More than ever, businesses rely on quality address data. When bad addresses enter into a system, it can negatively impact customers, a company’s revenue and even the company’s reputation,” explained Jonathan Oliver, Founder of SmartyStreets. “The cost of unreliable address data is too high. By introducing the US Autocomplete API, we help empower businesses so they can dramatically increase the accuracy of data as it first enters their systems.”

Many other autocomplete services include invalid addresses in their suggestions. And, they usually do not include unit numbers as part of their address suggestions. Users who don’t see their correct address suggested can become frustrated and decide to abandon their shopping cart. Or, if they decide to proceed, they can cause incorrect data to enter into a business’ systems resulting in shipping errors, returns and inconsistent data. All of this can be avoided by using a tool like SmartyStreets’ US Autocomplete Pro API.

To try the API, visit the SmartyStreets US Autocomplete Pro API demo page. As with all of SmartyStreets APIs, the US Autocomplete Pro API comes with SmartyStreets’ unlimited customer service, 100% uptime guarantee and easy implementation.

About SmartyStreets
SmartyStreets is headquartered in Provo, Utah and provides enterprise-grade address data governance, standardization and geocoding services for addresses in 240+ countries and territories. SmartyStreets consistently processes billions of addresses every month. The company does this through easy-to-use website tools, and fully-documented APIs. SmartyStreets also provides free, unlimited accounts to qualifying startup companies.

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