Atlanta, GA, June 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The increase in mobility and remote work is more apparent than it’s ever been, what with constantly changing technology, fast-paced lifestyles, and, especially in light of recent times, the need to continue to do work when you can’t necessarily be in the office. According to Get App, the amount of people who work remotely at least once per week has grown by 400% since 2010. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Flex Jobs reported those already working remotely in the U.S. consisted of 3.4 percent of the population. I was one of them. That being said, there is an increasing need to be as efficient and flexible in your work as possible, and also employ certain techniques, gadgets, accessories, or online resources that can help make your work a lot easier and more enjoyable. Half the battle is ensuring you have the tools necessary to have a functional and operational space in which to do your work, or having the essentials you need with you when you’re on-the-go. 

“Throughout my work I quickly realized that traveling, be it across the city to a local coffee shop or across the country, was mandatory. In order to maximize the services that my company offered I had to book flights and at times travel from city to city to conduct business. And in doing so, I often had to carry around a hefty load of work materials in addition to my computer. But my current work bag was not conducive to my productivity or ease of use, and a lot of the existing products and bags on the market didn’t address my specific needs. I was on the hunt for a solution that would combine compactness/portability with functionality, all while looking upscale and refined instead of the clunky, utilitarian work bags you typically see.” 

“For a bit of context, there was one time in particular that sparked my need for good, professional-looking work gear. It was a very big moment for my company, and it was during the time when former President Barack Obama was still in office. He had hosted a global entrepreneurship summit in Silicon Valley at Stanford University. This event was massive, not in the sense of how many attended, but of those that were delegated to attend and participate. I subsequently signed up to get myself and my company involved, and was elated to find that my application had been accepted! That in itself was shocking; I truly felt like I had made it and was making moves." 

“But because I did not have the funds at the time to orchestrate a big work trip, only one person could go to represent the company. As the company owner, it had to be me. So this meant that I had to carry to-and-fro all my various mobile office equipment, my laptop, and personal luggage. Well, right as I was getting ready to board my flight to California, I did some research to see what other information I could find about what would take place, as well as everything I needed to know about the surrounding area in Palo Alto. Well in the course of that, I saw that the press had the opportunity to go out and meet the president when he landed for the event, and there would be a press conference held at a nearby military base. I figured this would be a great opportunity for my independent media department, so I started applying for a spot as they were calling for everyone to board the plane." 

“So here I am at that moment scrambling haphazardly to unzip my bag to quickly send an email, and then quickly put it back. The lack of functionality and streamlined pockets did not allow me to do this very easily. I almost missed my flight in the process. As is with most people in a hurry, it is a struggle to put things back in their place in an orderly manner when pressed for time, but when it amounts to wasted time and missed opportunities, that is unacceptable. It certainly helps to have a bag that will make things easier, not more difficult. It was at that moment I decided I was going to do something about it. I wanted to create a bag that not only fit with my personal style, but possessed the functionality I needed in order to conduct business on the move swiftly and securely.” 

Vikki Jones Essentials was born at that moment. I conceived in my mind a business model that consisted of bags with hassle-free functionality, easy access pockets, and security for valuable items, all in the form of a fashionable tote. The goal was for it to make the process of work while traveling a breeze. Just imagine if I missed my flight, fumbling to gather my belongings and having to account for lost time. You cannot afford to let trivial things such as that get in the way of your hustle. You never know where an opportunity might lead and you must put yourself in the best position to receive it. Thankfully, when I arrived in Palo Alto I was approved to go out and meet the president at the conference. Those I met at the GES summit were in awe and trying to figure out how I managed that extra perk. It was all due to a last minute search and much persistence and determination. 

My new line of business totes and essentials will serve to supplement that same drive and work ethic by making your life easier, and your work dynamic more efficient. It is my hope that these accessories can become an integral and necessary part of working men and women’s routines, and make getting from point A to point B a little less hectic. Whether on your way to the office, your favorite coffee shop, the park, or boarding a flight, Vikki Jones Essentials takes the hassle out of remote and on-the-go work. 

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About Vikki Jones Essentials:

Vikki Jones Essentials is an e-commerce shopping experience for businesswomen and men on the go. Vikki Jones Essentials offers bags with hassle-free functionality, easy access pockets, and security for valuable items, all in the form of a fashionable tote. The purpose is to make the process of across town  or cross country work and travel a breeze.

About Vikki Jones:

Vikki Jones is a three-time award-winning multimedia publisher, book writing coach, and public speaker. With over a decade of experience in media, publishing, Vikki knows what it takes to grow a brand using technology, apps, and digital platforms. With a strong eye for marketing, Vikki is responsible for successfully incorporating video, print, internet, distribution, and multimedia technology to increase sales. Her work includes some of the most powerful influencers in the world. Including Ray Dalio (Bridgewater – Hedge Fund Billionaire), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Airlines), Former President Barack Obama, Tyler Perry (Producer), Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks), Joel Osteen (Inspirational Speaker), Ariana Huffington (Founder Huff Post), and a host of others.
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