OTTAWA, June 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- To address Corona Virus symptoms, health officials have recommended to use ventilators, but as of yet, fewer medicine have been used to test and treat COVID-19 in humans.

A researcher has been looking at the Coronavirus situation in Canada and he is hoping that his proposal might be the solution to control the outbreak in the present challenging time.

According to Meladul Haq Ahmadzai, a Global Health student at the University of Manchester, and CEO of Taleam Systems says, “people who are infected with COVID, will have better prognosis with longer duration of sleep.”

Research shows that humans require 12 to 20 oxygen breaths per minute, but if it is lower or higher than this amount, it is time to seek expert advice states another source at the Cleveland Clinic.

Meanwhile, breathing problem is one of the symptoms of Corona Virus as per WHO risks for COVID-19. The virus first originated in China in late 2019, but gradually transmitted to other nations including Canada and the UK by mid March 2020.

The virus has infected over 100,000 people in Canada and has killed about 8,300 more to date according to health Canada statistics.

With the use of ventilators, it has helped majority of the people (including UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s recovery from COVID-19), but still the vulnerable population i.e. Seniors, and those with serious respiratory illnesses have fallen through the cracks.

Pharma companies are also working on expensive vaccines, but already available medicine have yet to be tested. The COVID-19 vaccine being developed in Canada and elsewhere may not be too helpful since people are now mandatory required to wear face masks, and those with positive symptoms may not benefit from the vaccine since they are already infected.

Ahmadzai adds, “No information is readily available from Chinese authorities to prove what kind of virus this is – other than its purpose which is to create a major public health outbreak everywhere.”

Increase in sleep may help to control Corona Virus symptoms since breathing patterns are lower in COVID patients than the normal standard, signals Ahmadzai.

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