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Informative New Book Presents Riveting Examination of United States Political System

Author and former NASA Spacecraft Engineer, Marcelo Brazzi, presents his thought-provoking book, ‘The Liberal Record: How Liberals Changed the World’

LOS ANGELES, June 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The United States political system is ever changing and in Marcelo Brazzi’s newly released book, “The Liberal Record: How Liberals Changed the World,” he dives deep into the historical past and present of America’s politics by thoroughly examining the political party history and current division. Brazzi’s enlightening book is backed by years of research, illustrative graphs and educational data which demonstrates to readers how liberals demanded change and were successful in multiple avenues of politics while shining a light on the political divide that has been prevalent throughout American history.

Brazzi’s debut book has already received numerous glowing reviews from reviewers; Maria Beltran from Reader’s Favorite Review advocates, “A must-read for everyone. A highly interesting and informative book.” and a reviewer from HUGEOrange Publication Review praises the book, “A powerful read. I devoured this book. It was hard for me to put it down. Extensively researched.”

“The Liberal Record” illustrates the true accomplishments and policies liberals have made and compares them to the conservative agenda. The book not only examines government issues, but it also extends to related topics such as the role of conservatives in the crashes of NASA spaceships, how DNA mutations played a role in changing the American society and how the free market in Medicare drug sales was prohibited among other quintessential matters.

Grady Harp from Hall of Fame Top 100 Reviewers expresses his admiration by calling “The Liberal Record,” “A brilliant book, very highly recommended.” Brazzi’s book also received positive remarks from former Detroit Free Press anchor John Kelly who acclaimed, “This book is essential reading.”  

“My book is about the philosophies between liberals and conservatives,” said Brazzi. “It illustrates the true definition of who liberals and conservatives are through public records and facts.”

“The Liberal Record” will educate readers by setting the record straight with actual data, events, facts and accounts and those who enjoy learning will be fascinated by the research presented throughout Brazzi’s text. To learn more, please visit

“The Liberal Record: How Liberals Changed the World”
By Marcelo Brazzi
ISBN: 9781796035148 (softcover); 9781796035155 (hardcover); 9781796035131 (eBook)
Available at the Xlibris Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Marcelo Brazzi was a Spacecraft Engineer on NASA’s Apollo program and a Computer Science instructor at California State University. Brazzi also spent his time ascending Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Everest and photographing total solar eclipses around the world. Brazzi decided to write his first book, “The Liberal Record,” to educate readers on the misinformation and twisted history that has been the narrative for the past few decades. His book provides comprehensive content and is packed with tables, graphs and charts that will teach the US electorate in an accurate and fully informed way regarding the record of liberals and conservatives. Brazzi resides in Southern California and manages real estate investments, writing and spending time with his children and grandchildren.

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