Los Angeles, CA, June 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- CLICK™ (“CLICK” or “the Company”), a Southern California-based consumer lifestyle cannabis mouth spray company, today announced that Larry Sanders, former National Basketball Association (“NBA”) basketball player for the Milwaukee Bucks and Cleveland Cavaliers, has joined the Company as a Strategic Advisor and investor. 

During Sanders’ five-year tenure with the Milwaukee Bucks, he became one of the league’s best defensive presences. However, in 2015, he made the difficult choice to walk away from the game he loved in order to be able to consume cannabis for his anxiety and depression management. 

His love for the game ran too deep to walk away for good, so in 2019 he was selected as the third pick in the first round of the Big 3 all-star basketball league. He has also become passionate about mental health advocacy and has led a variety of mental health awareness campaigns, including a campaign with Phoenix-based MARC Resources, and with the WNBA’s Mercury and Sparks teams.

“Larry is well-known for both his athleticism and advocacy for cannabis,” said CLICK Director of Marketing Jared Gray. “We were drawn together because we share the same vision of providing a healthy, convenient way to consume cannabis and we look forward to witnessing the tremendous value Larry will bring to the growth of our brand.”

CLICK’s pocket-sized design and reliable delivery method make it a natural fit for athletes and health-conscious consumers that are on-the-go. Made to conveniently complement active lifestyles, CLICK spray is discreet and works within minutes. Each bottle of CLICK is packed with 200mg of cannabinoids which delivers 80 2.5mg sprays in total. 

As the NBA suspends cannabis testing for its upcoming season, cannabis advocates like Sanders are hoping to end the stigma associated with cannabis consumption. 

“While I have never been shy about how cannabis has helped to improve my mental health, I have not backed a single cannabis brand until now because I did not want to promote the unhealthy lifestyle of smoking or vaping,” said Sanders. “CLICK sublingual sprays are exactly what I’ve been looking for because they’re discreet and safe. I can use CLICK Spray on-the-go and I know exactly how much cannabis I’m consuming. From an investment perspective, CLICK shows great potential in leading this product category in California’s rapidly expanding cannabis market.”

CLICK cannabis mouth spray is a discreet, smoke-free alternative that allows athletes and health-conscious users to feel the effects of cannabis in as little as six to eight minutes.

About CLICK™

Founded in California, CLICK™ is an innovative leader in cannabis sublingual offerings. Its products are specifically designed to complement its customers' lifestyle with their fast-acting features, great taste and ability to fit in the palm of your hand. When sprayed under the tongue, CLICK™ products deliver approximately 2.5mg of cannabis with each pump. Consumers will feel the effects of any of the four formulations GO, RESTORE, CHILL, and DREAM in as little as six to eight minutes. As small as a tube of chapstick, CLICK™ is discreet and designed to join you wherever life leads.


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