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Eramet: publication of the main contributing indicators by territory in 2019

Eramet, a global mining and metallurgical group, actively contributes to the development of the regions where it operates. The Group's business model is based on a long-term, responsible and civic vision, particularly through the development of local employment, environmental preservation, respect for local communities and contribution to the countries or territories’ economy.

Transparency is one of the core values ​​of Eramet, which today publishes its report on its main indicators of contribution to the economy of the territories in 2019 ("2020 Report on the Group's financial transparency", available on its website). This evaluation has been prepared following EITI methods (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative), which has set out created best practice principles for the sector, an initiative that Eramet has supported as a sponsor since 2011.
The figures in this report integrate mainly the taxes and royalties paid to the States and Territories and dividends paid to public shareholders in the capital of its parent company and subsidiaries.

In 2019, including the payroll, the Eramet group's contribution amounted to:

  • €507m in Gabon: 2nd largest private-sector employer in the country with nearly 3,200 employees, Eramet extracts and processes ​​high-grade manganese ore through its subsidiary Comilog, holding 64% of its capital, which is the 2nd largest producer in the world. The Group, through its subsidiary Setrag, also operates the Trans-Gabon Railway dedicated to the transport of freight and passengers.
  • €349m in metropolitan France: with nearly 5,000 employees, mainly employed in its subsidiary Aubert & Duval, the Group is located on sixteen industrial sites dedicated to the manufacturing of high-performance alloys and to the transformation of metals.
  • €146m in New Caledonia: a 56% subsidiary of Eramet, Société Le Nickel (SLN) operates nickel mines, as well as a metallurgical ferronickel manufacturing plant. The Group employs more than 2,000 people in this territory and its activities generate 8,000 indirect and induced jobs.
  • €90m in Norway: Eramet Norway, a fully owned subsidiary of the Group, employs more than 500 people in three plants producing manganese alloys.
  • €34m in Senegal: Grande Côte Opérations (GCO), 90%-owned by Eramet, operates a mineral sands deposit and produces mainly ilmenite and zircon. Its activities generate more than 700 direct jobs and 1,000 indirect jobs.
  • €1.5m in Argentina: Eramine’s 150 employees contributed to the development of a lithium extraction and treatment plant project at the salar of Centenario-Ratones. 

Added to this contribution are the purchases made by the subsidiaries in their country of establishment and the income generated by indirect employment with their local subcontractors, which significantly increases our local impact.

Moreover, in 2019, the Group devoted more than 20 million euros to community investment and philanthropy in the countries and territories where it operates. They have made it possible to finance projects supporting local infrastructures, health, education and sports, in particular for young people, which is the main focus of Eramet’s contributory actions.


7/29/2020: Publication of Group 2020 half-year results.



Eramet, a global mining and metallurgical group, is a key player in the extraction and valorisation of metals (manganese, nickel, mineral sands) and the elaboration and processing of alloys with a high added value (high-speed steels, high-performance steels, superalloys, aluminium and titanium alloys). 

The Group supports the energy transition by developing activities with high growth potential, including recycling and the extraction and refining of lithium. 

Eramet positions itself as the privileged partner of its customers in sectors that include carbon and stainless steel, aerospace, pigments, energy, and new battery generations. 

Building on its operating excellence, the quality of its investments and the expertise of its employees, the Group leverages an industrial, managerial and societal model that is virtuous and value accretive. As a contributive corporate citizen, Eramet strives for a sustainable and responsible industry.

Eramet employs around 13,000 people in more than 20 countries, with sales of c.€4 billion in 2019.

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