NEW YORK, July 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FlexIt, the app that connects fitness enthusiasts with thousands of health clubs across the U.S., announces the launch of its updated mobile application that now includes Virtual Personal Training (VPT). This release streamlines FlexIt’s industry leading Virtual Personal Training process and enables users to interact one-on-one with elite trainers from some of the most recognizable fitness clubs across the country.

“We are very excited to give our users access to the premier Virtual Personal Training experience,” said Austin Cohen, CEO and founder of FlexIt. “FlexIt users across the country can now access world-class personal trainers from their phones and computers with only a few clicks. This will expose users to some of their favorite clubs on the FlexIt platform, and inspire them to return in person as soon as their local restrictions allow.”

Available partners include large national fitness club chains, regional brands and local facilities. Select partners include Blink Fitness, [solidcore], and many more. The experience is seamless and has helped partners to continue to deliver services to clients over the last few months.

“FlexIt is turnkey. We simply linked up open trainer slots from our personal trainers and FlexIt allows customers to book this time,” said Brandon Bairos, Director of Operations at Fit Factory, a chain of clubs in Massachusetts and Texas. “It is easy to add and remove trainers and change prices and availabilities, the technology is cutting-edge and the experience has been all around great for Fit Factory and our trainers.”

FlexIt is a powerful member acquisition tool for fitness clubs, generating qualified membership leads for a growing network of over 2,500 partner clubs. With the release of Virtual Personal Training, partner clubs can expand their reach from an often local following to the entire nation. This marketing extension comes at no cost to partners on the Virtual Personal Training platform.

“Training virtually for many clubs means either high-priced software and integrations or allowing their trainers to work directly with clients using mainstream third-party video services,” said Justin Turetsky, COO of FlexIt. “Collecting payments, covering liability, and keeping the experience professional is very challenging. Now clubs can work with existing members, new leads from the community, or customers in other markets at no-cost. More trainer utilization means more revenue and efficiency for clubs in a very challenging time.”

Virtual Personal Training offers fitness enthusiasts an unparalleled, personalized experience. Trainers can be filtered based on specialty, availability, and partner. Every one of them will build a workout that perfectly suits the customer’s goals, limitations, and equipment. Users and trainers can take advantage of the VPT offering from any internet-connected device, including computers, smart phones, and tablets. As health clubs reopen, FlexIt users will have unparalleled flexibility and variety for remote and in-person exercise.

The updated FlexIt app is now available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store. To learn more about FlexIt, visit:

About FlexIt
FlexIt Inc. is the mobile app that quickly and seamlessly enables users to access fitness clubs wherever and whenever they want, and only pay for the amount of time that they are in the facility. Available in over 2,500 fitness clubs across the country, FlexIt offers consumers the flexibility that they expect, while generating leads and enhancing profitability for fitness clubs. FlexIt provides club access to users while simultaneously providing clubs with access to a large network of prospective members. Additionally, FlexIt offers its users access to world class virtual personal trainers through its Virtual Personal Training solution. By building a custom solution and partnering with known brands, FlexIt is able to offer users the in-club PT experience from their own homes. FlexIt is available for download on iOS and Android in their respective app stores; for more information, please visit

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