ADELAIDE, Australia, July 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Coach, author and strategist Abbie-Lea Verco creates a roadmap to discover one’s true potential. She debuts in the world of nonfiction and self-help with her new book titled “Harness Your Hero” (published by Balboa Press AU).


The book offers a 12-step process for one to ask hard questions with no judgement. One will start their journey in designing and executing their ideal life through creating a “Massive Action Plan.”


“Harness Your Hero” taps into the innate human desire to becoming a better version of themselves. It gives a sense of the real and meaningful transformation that is not only possible but with imagination, faith and tenacity. Fueled by anecdotes, the lessons will allow readers to connect deeply as the journey will take place and unlock their inner “hero.” Visit to know more about the book.


“I have had many people undertake training with me around the Hero's Journey and have been asked to write a book around these topics for many years. Now I have written that book that explores the meaning of the ‘Hero’s Journey’ and how to apply it to increase our ability to actualize even more of our full potential,” Verco describes.


Through the publication of “Harness Your Hero,” Verco hopes to transform readers to become a renewed and better version of themselves.


“Harness Your Hero”

By Abbie-Lea Verco

Softcover | 8.25x11 in | 138 pages | ISBN 9781504320177

E-Book | 138 pages | ISBN 9781504320207     

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

Abbie-Lea Verco’s relentless exploration of human behavior has traversed numerous disciplines including bachelor’s degrees in contemporary arts, teaching, commerce and a master’s degree in education. She founded and run several successful businesses, is an aspiration-to-action coach, an accredited behavioral profiling consultant, teacher, and public speaker. A successful trainer and coach, Verco serves as director and co-founder of INFUSE, a training and coaching company that provides strategies for lasting change focusing on greater vitality, inspiration and productivity.

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