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Baseus and AliExpress Partner for the Upcoming Super Brand Day

MADRID, Spain, July 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Super Brand Day event organized by AliExpress and the leading consumer electronics brand Baseus is ready to start on August 10th. Consumers worldwide will receive special discounts on the Baseus' AliExpress store, which lists the most cutting-edge products in the charging industry.

Baseus mainly manufactures mobile phone accessories, laptop docking stations, small household appliances, and car accessories. In 2018 and 2019, Baseus was awarded the AliExpress Global Top Ten Brand Awards.

Since 2011, Baseus has become a leading Chinese consumer electronics brand with flagship stores in China and over 180 countries and regions worldwide. This number is expected to exceed 1000 stores by 2022.

Baseus’ success lies in its ability to provide chargers matching the latest industry trends. An example is gallium nitride (GaN) chargers, which are becoming increasingly popular. GaN chargers are physically smaller, more efficient, and more potent than current chargers. No wonder they were everywhere at CES 2020. 

With the theme of "Charge fast, Baseus first!", the AliExpress Super Brand Day event will showcase some of Baseus' flagship products, including the world's smallest 120w GaN charger, the world's first 45W GaN 2-in-1 charger, and the world's smallest 45W dual-port GaN charger. Other noteworthy products are the 65W digital display quick charge power bank and the 65W digital display QC+PPS dual quick charge car charger

This event is also an opportunity to publicize other innovative products from Baseus, including their screen hanging lights, car vacuum cleaners, earphones, phone cases, and many more. Over 10 of their products have won the 2020 German Red Dot Award.

The "Charge fast, Baseus first!" Super Brand Day event starts at 0:00 on August 10th, Pacific Time, USA, and lasts for three days. There are 10% off limited products every day and exquisite gifts for purchases over $49. From July 20th, consumers can visit the Baseus official AliExpress store to receive a large-scale limited coupon when signing in continuously. Users can also participate in the Baseus Facebook fan event to win an iPhone gift pack.

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Baseus is a consumer electronics brand under Shenzhen Besing Technology Co., Limited that manufactures mobile phone accessories, laptop docking stations, small household appliances, and car accessories.

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