Austin, Texas, Aug. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Abrigo, the leading technology provider of compliance, credit risk, and lending solutions for community financial institutions, announced the launch of a new Salesforce platform API integration with the Sageworks Lending and Credit Risk Solution. The integration with the Salesforce platform creates a centralized repository of borrower information, giving teams within the institution access to the same customer and loan data for faster customer service.

The integration allows credit and lending departments at financial institutions to collaborate while maintaining their individual workflows, and it enables loan information from Sageworks to pass into Salesforce seamlessly. The connection gives lending departments a single view of all loan, deposit, and collateral information, as well as the ability to transfer new loan opportunities directly to Sageworks for underwriting immediately. The integration significantly reduces repetitive data entry and duplicated efforts.

Customers leveraging the Salesforce API can push loan prospects from underwriting to booking in one streamlined process. Lenders and analysts will have access to customer and loan data in a centralized repository, creating a 360-degree view of each customer and making referrals across departments simple. Ultimately, the Salesforce integration will synchronize communication within departments and enable lenders to keep focused on portfolio growth.

“We’re thrilled to offer this integration with Salesforce and allow lenders to build deeper relationships with their customers and make data-driven decisions,” said Jay Blandford, President at Abrigo. “Especially amid a pandemic, it’s critical that institutions have the tools to stay connected, foster customer relationships, and drive growth.”

Abrigo is dedicated to ensuring its products are tailored to its customers. With hundreds of configurable components, Abrigo will help construct the Salesforce connection to meet each institution's specific needs. This integration makes the Sageworks Lending and Credit Risk Solution a better fit for institutions considering or already using Salesforce; however, the Abrigo platform can connect with other systems, including the company's Relationship Manager.

The Salesforce API is now available for Sageworks Lending and Credit Risk Solution customers. To learn more about the integration or to get started using the Salesforce API, click here.

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