LONDON, Aug. 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The struggle with COVID-19 has led to lockdown and work-from-home orders worldwide. This shift has caused a dramatic geographic increase in congestion, as users have migrated away from dense urban high capacity sites. With many sequestered or working from home, much of the network loading has shifted to cells providing residential coverage leading to overloaded and poorly performing cells. It is not possible for mobile operators to respond to this in a timely manner using the time-consuming cell site construction approach. This challenge requires immediate mitigation only achievable by the speed and scale of software solutions.

Opanga’s line of software-based network performance solutions directly address this current critical network need, doubling data speeds on congested cells. Moreover, these solutions are deployed in the mobile core on standard server infrastructure, a single 3U server optimizing 300 Gbps of network user traffic. These solutions are widely proven to scale rapidly and have been deployed nationwide in a matter of days. Each day Opanga’s software optimizes over 8 terabits per second of user traffic to well over one billion smartphone users.

Opanga can help you immediately address your critical network congestion issues.

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About Opanga Networks

Opanga Networks is a software solutions company focused on developing products which make mobile networks far more efficient, faster and capable of ultra-high performance. Our products are installed in the mobile core, dramatically accelerating Radio Access Network (RAN) performance. Opanga solutions elevate QoE by relieving congestion on cell sites overburdened with unrelenting growth of data traffic. Opanga offers the only ultra-high RAN performance solutions which are deployable network-wide within a matter of hours.