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Food and beverage firms now face an uncertain market that requires both agility and scalabilty to ensure production meets emerging demand while also satisfying evolving consumer expectations.

Achieving this goal starts with enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools and technologies that help connect people and processes across organizations — as noted by Plant, this is especially critical for Canadian companies now dealing with functional supply chain fallout as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. According to a recent IDC study, however, 40 percent of companies worldwide “are stuck in an ERP technical debt with heavily customized systems” — in effect, paying too much for features they don’t need and won’t deliver on line of business outcomes. Get IDC Food & Beverage Report

The Sage X3 solution for food and beverage organization can help Canadian producers solve two critical challenges — customer retention and cost reduction — by delivering next-generation, intelligent ERP at scale.

Capturing the New Consumer

Ensuring operational sustainability means capturing — and keeping — consumer interest. As noted by the IDC study, this requires everything from new forms of marketing to food and safety traceability to supply chain sustainability.

But many companies remain hampered by their ERP heritage; held back by legacy solutions that can no longer keep pace with on-demand priorities. Sage X3 for food and beverage helps companies meet the emerging demands of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) while simultaneously delivering a customer-first experience that prioritizes their need for safety, accountability and transparency.

Reducing Total Costs

According to recent IDC total economic impact (TEI) data, deploying next-generation ERP systems can help manufacturing and production companies cut costs by up to $150,000 per year.

But what does this look like in practice?

  • Dairy processor Darling Romery can now deliver more than 1,500 orders a day thanks to Sage X3, with no manual entry needed
  • Darling Romery executives also gained improved transparency with real-time stock level visibility
  • Canadian meat processing firm Lesters Foods, meanwhile, gained complete visibility across the production process
  • The company has also improved regulatory compliance and food safety standardization by shifting away from siloed ERP to the Sage X3 solution

"IWI helped us integrate our suppliers receipts and deliveries as well as improving our backup documentation for customers. Together with IWI's help, ATP was able to positively impact efficiency, with our month end process averaging from 20 days to now completed at 5-7 days. We were able to adjust quickly to everyone working remotely from home when the pandemic hit, as Sage X3 was operating the same as if we were in the office. We were able to transition smoothly and effectively in very little time"  - Amanda, System Administrator, Alberta Tubular

Capture consumer interest and control costs with Sage X3 ERP for food and beverage.

About Us: IWI Consulting Group has been implementing Sage ERP solutions for more than 20 years. As a certified Sage software consultant, we’ve helped companies deploy everything from cloud manufacturing software to distribution and food and beverage software.

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