Chicago, IL, Sept. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FOMO CORP. (US OTC: ETFM)–Under an LOI to merge with FOMO this Fall, Purge Virus LLC (PV) is pleased to announce its Clean Room Initiative (CRI) to help home and business owners at risk from Western U.S. wildfires. For more on the portable devices see:

According to the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, “People in the U.S. and many other developed countries are indoors approximately 90% of the time, and may be indoors even more when outdoor air is affected by wildfires When outdoor air particle concentrations increase, indoor air concentrations of particles also increase, particularly in homes because they usually have low efficiency particle filtration systems or no particle filtration.”

The recent wildfires have caught the attention of the world, and BBC News reported nearly 100 fires in the Western U.S. California, Washington state and Oregon have been the hardest hit, fueled by excessive heat and windy conditions. Oregon's governor said this "could be the greatest loss of human life and property" from fires in state history. Nine other states in the region are also experiencing wildfires.

To help mitigate the impact of this disaster, PV sold its first unit to a homeowner in Oregon. “Our region in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge has been reported as having the worst air quality in the world due to the actively raging wildfires. We are pleased to have found that Purge Virus technology can help keep us safe by purifying the air in our home,” said Gordie Hansen in Hood River, Oregon.

“The advanced air disinfection that we offer has typically been more for commercial use than residential and more for eliminating COVID-19 contamination than wildfire-induced contaminants. However, the portable devices can clean the air for both, which is why we launched the Clean Room Initiative (CRI) to help homeowners,” said Charlie Szoradi, founder of PV.

The PV CRI is in line with the recommendations of the EPA to have Clean Rooms with “portable air cleaner” devices to protect indoor air quality during a wildfire ( In summary, the EPA states: “In some cases, the combination of COVID-19 epidemic and wildfires may require modifying emergency plans. If there is an active fire in your area, local authorities may advise you to stay indoors or create a clean room rather than evacuate. Setting up a clean room at home can help reduce your exposure to dangerous or unhealthy wildfire smoke while indoors. Everyone can benefit from spending time in a clean room during a wildfire, but it may be most helpful for sensitive individuals like the very young, very old, and people with heart or lung problems. To create a clean room (e.g. a bedroom with attached bathroom), keep doors and windows closed, run your air conditioner or fans to stay cool, filter the air with a portable air cleaner, and avoid activities that produce particles (e.g., smoking, burning candles or incense, cooking). Spend as much time as possible in the clean room.”

PV is providing the technology as well as consultation to homeowners on which devices are the most effective for cleaning wildfire contaminants for their specific situation and which have the ability to most cost-effectively also reduce the spread of COVID-19 and future viruses.


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FOMO CORP. and Purge Virus LLC signed a letter of intent (LOI) on August 20, 2020 to combine their respective companies in an all-stock merger. PV is a provider of COVID-19 disinfection technology, supplies and Personal Protection Equipment products/services @


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