Warrants were issued to all investors that got allotted shares in the Company’s Offering that concluded on 17 September 2020. The Warrants have been delivered to investors and will start trading on the Nasdaq Iceland Main Market today 13 October under the following ticker symbols: ICEAIRW130821, ICEAIRW180222 and ICEAIRW120822

Investors will be able to trade the Warrants independently of the shares until the start of their respective exercise periods which are as follows:

Warrant tickerWarrant
Class ISIN
Trading period
closing date
Exercise periodPayment dateExercise price

For all further information regarding the Warrants reference is made to the Company’s Prospectus, dated 8 October 2020.

Contact information
Investors: Iris Hulda Thorisdottir, Director Investor Relations. E-mail: iris@icelandairgroup.is
Media: Asdis Petursdottir, Director Communications. E-mail: asdis@icelandair.is