Denver, CO, Oct. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Remote learning has thrown curveballs at educators and families alike. As parents and caregivers try to keep up with fast-changing learning environments in the COVID-19 era, many struggle with juggling jobs, other children and household responsibilities. Others don’t have strong instructional or management skills, nor the tools and content knowledge to fully support at-home learning. To help families with these challenges, mindSpark Learning, a Denver-based national nonprofit dedicated to empowering educators with industry-oriented professional learning experiences, launched reSOLVE for Families, a series focused on helping Colorado families navigate virtual learning in a way that allows them to support their children’s development while maintaining their own work and personal commitments as best as possible.

The reSOLVE for Families series will host two one-hour sessions each month. The flexible schedule includes live virtual sessions and on-demand sessions covering key topics, such as: 

  1. At-home learning best practices
  2. Social-emotional learning (SEL) skills for the family
  3. Strategies and practices for supplementing curriculum to support the “whole child” through play, free time, reading, passion projects and more
  4. Experiential learning and problem solving guidance 

In each session, caregivers have the opportunity to engage with mindSpark experts, educator guest speakers and other families to discuss best practice and to share resources. 

“While our primary audience has been educators and school and district leaders, we couldn’t ignore the impact that remote learning was having on our families,” said mindSpark Learning CEO Kellie Lauth. “We’re bringing our expertise in educational professional development and training to strengthen local communities and provide support for our most vital assets! This programming will better equip parents, caregivers, and community members to confidently support remote learning and reduce the feelings of being overwhelmed by virtual schooling.”

ReSOLVE for Families will conduct its first virtual live session on November 5 at 5 pm MT to address how to set the foundation for at-home learning. 

More information and registration can be found at

About mindSpark Learning

mindSpark Learning, a Denver-based national nonprofit founded as Share Fair Nation in 2007 and rebranded in 2017, is the catalyst and intermediary between education and industry. It empowers educators with industry-oriented professional learning experiences, resulting in more students prepared for the modern workforce. It does so by leading programs and services designed to help schools understand workforce development, participate in work-based learning experiences, foster career literacy and directly connect students to mentors and authentic opportunities at a young age. Its core areas of focus are critical to today’s education landscape and include problem-based learning (PBL) STEM, EdTech, Social-emotional learning (SEL) and Equity-centered Design Thinking. These lay the foundation for skills that are inherently necessary for career success.

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