Regulated information, Leuven, 2 November 2020 (17.40 hrs CET)

Publication of a transparency notification received by KBC Ancora SA
(Article 14(1) of the Law of 2 May 2007 on disclosure of major shareholdings)

Summary of the notification

KBC Ancora received a transparency notification dated 2 November 2020, indicating that Cera SC now holds 67,27% of the voting rights of the company as a result of a passive threshold crossing on 30 October 2020. Cera SC has therefore exceeded the notification threshold of 65%.

Content of the notification

The notification dated 2 November 2020 contains the following information:

Reason for the notificationPassive crossing of a threshold
Notification byA person that notifies alone
Persons subject to the notification requirementCera SC
Transaction date30 October 2020
Threshold that is crossed (in %)65% (upwards)
In addition to the thresholds of 5% and any multiple thereof, the statutory threshold of 3% also applies for KBC Ancora
Number of voting rights heldPrevious notification
Cera SCRL : 42.784.688
(denominator : 78.301.314)

Current notification
Cera SC : 79.819.045
% of voting rights held67,27%
Additional informationThe crossing of the threshold is due to the introduction of double voting rights (loyalty voting rights) at KBC Ancora in accordance with Article 27 of the Articles of Association. The introduction of loyalty voting rights was approved by the Extraordinary General Meeting of KBC Ancora on 30 October 2020.


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This press release and the accompanying notification and other notifications may be consulted on the website of KBC Ancora,, under ‘Shareholders'/'Transparency notifications'


KBC Ancora is a listed company which holds 18.6% of the shares in KBC Group and which together with Cera, MRBB and the Other Permanent Shareholders ensures the shareholder stability and further development of the KBC group. As core shareholders of KBC Group, they have to this end signed a shareholder agreement.

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