Middleton, WI, Jan. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Paradigm introduces Paradigm Vendo™, a digital selling solution specifically designed to help residential renovation sales professionals manage in-home and virtual selling – from appointment creation to signed contract.   

Paradigm Vendo is an easy-to-use web-based application that leverages consumer-friendly versions of the product catalogs in-home sales professionals are already using. It showcases products, marketing materials, and purchasing options to consumers in a clear and concise presentation on any device.  And it syncs with existing CRM technology to seamlessly manage the customer experience from a single application.     

Whether face-to-face or in a virtual setting, Paradigm Vendo manages appointments, configures and compares products, generates quotes and contracts, captures e-signatures, and even processes orders directly through Paradigm’s manufacturer partners.   

“Finally, there’s a tool sales pros can use for end-to-end selling,” explains Matt Davis, Paradigm Product Director. “Paradigm Vendo offers sales professionals all the tools that help close more, and bigger, deals.” 

To request a personal demonstration or more information about Paradigm Vendo, go to myparadigm.com/in-home-selling-software/

About Paradigm: Paradigm provides technology solutions designed to simplify the process of configuring, quoting, and manufacturing complex configurable building products. Its technology platform is the largest of its kind in the world, serving customers in both new construction and renovation markets by increasing sales and operational efficiencies. Paradigm’s customers include renovation contractors, homebuilders, lumberyards, distributors, retailers, and manufacturers.


Ryan Mayrand