BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Jan. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Command Alkon, the provider of the leading supplier collaboration platform for construction’s heavy work, is pleased to announce a Water Add Meter (WAM) offering to measure the amount of water added before and during the pour to help validate concrete quality.

“It isn’t uncommon for crews at the jobsite to ask add more water to the mix which can leave the producer susceptible to risk,” said Dave Donaldson, Vice President of Strategic Sales at Command Alkon. “The Water Add Meter can capture and report that in real time as well as provide an accurate historical report of all of the water that was added into the mix, helping the producer to combat false claims from customers.”

Based on years of experience installing and supporting this type of field equipment, Command Alkon has selected the Water Add Meter to now be available for direct sale to their customer base and can be purchased as an option in conjunction with the TrackIt, TFleet, or COMMANDassurance systems. When further integrated with COMMANDbatch, Command Alkon’s ready mix plant automation solution, the Water Add Meter allows for calculation of W/C ratio throughout the delivery cycle.

The meter comes packaged with plumbing kit, fittings, clamps, and a step-by-step installation guide. Two models are available:

  • WAM-350 allows water addition information to be read directly on the meter on easy-to-read display or on in-cab display.
  • WAM-300 has the same functionality as the 350 model but without the digital display on the meter.

The hardware is tough enough to withstand the demanding conditions that ready mix fleets operate in, featuring a weather resistant brass core and sacrificial endcaps that reduce the risk of meter damage in the event that the lines are not cleared in freezing conditions.

“The Water Add Meter sensor has helped us from a quality perspective because it helps us determine if our issues stem from internal processes,” said Jeremy Sloan, Vice President of Operations at Ohio Ready Mix. “Whether we have a mix design issue or if the moisture is off at the plant, whether something is wrong with our processor or ingredients, or if it was an issue that stemmed from jobsite personnel.”

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