LONDON, Jan. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mondrian Investment Partners, a leading global, value-oriented investment manager with over $50 billion in assets under management, kicked off its 30th anniversary with a series of investment insights available on, and LinkedIn.

The firm was founded on the principle of delivering high risk-adjusted returns and preserving capital on the back of rigorous fundamental research, which has been the foundation of its continued success. To celebrate their 30th anniversary, Mondrian is planning to share unique investment perspectives on the last 30 years and more importantly looking closely at today’s changing investment landscape in a series of 10 informative insights.

“In 1990, the global funds management world was expanding but within the framework of relatively simple stylised buckets of Value, Growth and Core,” said Clive Gillmore, founding partner, CEO and Group CIO at Mondrian Investment Partners.

“Today, investors have more choices,” he added, “but it is still about identifying the right investments that can add risk-adjusted alpha and absolute return, on a medium- and long-term basis.”

Mondrian’s business has evolved over the years to a leading global investment management firm, expanding product offerings and investment research for institutions and financial advisors, to address their investing needs.

Regarding Mondrian’s disciplined approach, Mr. Gillmore said, “In a rapidly changing world, our track record of success is built upon a consistent, disciplined and repeatable methodology. Our experienced and high-quality team of over 50 investment professionals are well equipped to capture and deliver strong results for many years to come.”

About Mondrian Investment Partners

Mondrian Investment Partners Limited ( is an independent, employee-owned, international value-oriented investment manager with offices in London and Philadelphia. Mondrian, founded in 1990, managed more than $50 billion in assets under management as of December 31, 2020. Mondrian has a diverse, global client base, investing for corporations, public and private pension plans, endowments, foundations, and individual investors in a broad range of strategies and vehicles.

Over time Mondrian has carefully added investment strategies to match market demand. By offering additional institutional mutual funds, along with various other investment platforms, we believe we are best positioned to meet the growing needs of our clients and the evolution of the industry.

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