Simulocity Develops Virtual Platform for Blue Cross Blue Shield


Orlando, Florida, March 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The innovations firm has recently partnered with the leading health insurance company, along  with global healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations. 

Simulocity has developed an immersive, year-round, virtual  platform for BlueCross BlueShield to conduct clinical best-practice sharing, employee  training, live and on-demand events, and corporate collaboration. 

The platform will allow BCBS to conduct key meetings, work collaboratively and share best-practices virtually, through a single “always on” virtual venue. Employees can connect via forums, webinars and social media through the Virtual Conference Center. The platform is also infused with advanced features such as gamification,  learning management system, and artificial intelligence via an intelligent avatar that serves  as a healthcare or platform concierge. As more companies opt for virtualizing their  operations and corporate events, Simulocity has delivered innovative, award-winning  platforms that can meet the needs of every type of organization.  

“We are very proud to partner with a world-class healthcare company such as BCBS,”  said Dr. Manny Dominguez, CEO of Simulocity. “It’s yet another validation of the  technical polish of our virtual platforms, that our customers love. We are rapidly  expanding and building for the top brands around the globe, and across many  industries.”  

BlueCross BlueShield is not the only company in the healthcare industry that Simulocity  has partnered with in recent months. The company’s platforms are enabling top  pharmaceutical organizations, including Roche and Pfizer, to innovatively collaborate  year-round, making their employees and customers feel “virtual there”.
The Virtual Conference Center (VCC), Simulocity’s award-winning platform, is an  immersive, innovative, and luxurious experience in a modern modality that really feels like  an entertainment platform but designed for business. It delivers a world-class experience  from any internet-connected computer or mobile device.  

About the Company 

Located in Orlando, Florida, Simulocity is a technology solutions firm comprised of top  innovators with decades of proven results in delivering innovative and ground-breaking  technologies around the globe. Simulocity develops customized simulation technologies for  healthcare, education, training and events management. Their expertise is in integrating &  innovating leading-edge technologies, including virtual platforms for business, virtual-reality,  learning via gamification, business intelligence, combined with expert project management.  

Simulocity is the recipient of numerous awards, including Healthcare Tech Outlook’s - Top 10  Healthcare Simulation Solution Providers, CIO Applications’ – Top 10 Simulation Solution  Providers, and CIO Review’s – 20 Most Promising Gamification Technology Solution  Providers.

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