Engage your audience at a first glance

The average reader spends less than a minute reading a press release, so what can you do to maximize the impact of your content?

  1. Start with good copy
  2. Include images or infographics―remember, a picture says a thousand words
  3. Embed video―no other content type drives interest, engagement and sharing like video

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Use more than just words to tell your story

Content with compelling images garners 94% more views than content without, and 81% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

Infographics, logos, product shots and brand materials can help tell your company story. Don't restrict your message to words alone.

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Embed video seamlessly into your releases and web pages

On-demand and live video content can be seamlessly embedded. No pop-ups and no waiting.

Use our unbranded and ad-free HTML5 player and easily integrate your own video, video from popular sites like YouTube and Vimeo, or embed entire live streams and webcasts. All from one provider.

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Use data to drive your communications strategy

Gain insight into social sharing behavior, image downloads and video views to see which content resonates with your audience. Use this information to help shape your communications and content strategies.

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Your Media Snippets are seamlessly embedded into your release. No pop-ups.


Innovative HTML5 technology displays content that is optimized for any device.


Built-in social media sharing improves the reach of your content and provides deeper analytics.


Journalists and bloggers can easily embed your Media Snippets into their own sites, amplifying your content.


Monitor audience engagement with detailed analytics showing you the outlets and sites where your Media Snippet was embedded.


Every Media Snippet has its own, permanent stand-alone link. Use your Media Snippet beyond your press releases― embed it into your website, blog or other web pages.

Image Gallery

Display one or dozens of images, with clickable thumbnail, zoom and full-screen viewing options.

Video Gallery

Use our unbranded and ad-free HTML5 player, and easily integrate your own video or video from third-party platforms. Tell your story with multiple clips of any length in high-definition quality.

Live Events

Integrate entire live events and webcasts right into your Media Snippet. On-demand replays will be automatically available within your Media Snippet once the live event is complete.


Choose from 20+ hardware accelerated transition effects to build engaging slideshows out of static images.


Choose from a selection of sleek design templates ranging from single videos to entire media galleries. Easily reinforce your brand with custom colors.


Your Media Snippets can be fully integrated into releases published on GlobeNewswire.com, as well as your website managed through our webhosting services, including IR websites, newsrooms and corporate websites.

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