Figure 4


Mineralized intercepts from drill holes reported in this release showing different styles of mineralization in Bx 5 East zone: A) SDH19-126 – mixed mosaic and chaotic shingle breccia with chalcopyrite-pyrite cement; the interval 257.0-263.0m assays 8.41g/t Au, 1.68%Cu, and 68.6 g/t Ag; B) SDH19-126 – mosaic breccia with strong tourmaline replacement and chalcopyrite-dominant cement; the interval 345.0-350.0m assays 0.59 g/t Au, 1.99% Cu, and 19.9 g/t Ag; C) SDH19-127 – chaotic shingle breccia with tourmaline-chalcopyrite-pyrite cement; the interval 323.0-328.0m assays 1.24 g/t Au, 1.90% Cu, and 22.2 g/t Ag; D) SDH19-127 – mosaic breccia with chalcopyrite cement; the interval 468.77-474.0m assays 1.25 g/t Au, 2.31% Cu, and 43.2 g/t Ag; E) SDH19-120 – mosaic breccia; the interval 72.0-77.0m assays 0.81 g/t Au, 0.78 Cu, and 600.4 g/t Ag; F) SDH19-122 – chaotic shingle breccia with larger clasts and lithic tuff wall rock; the interval 237.0-243.0m assays 7.52 g/t Au, 1.67% Cu, and 61.9 g/




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