Figure 4


Model illustrating the geologic evolution of Honpi looking ESE. Top shows the initial epithermal system with a feeder and sinter. Second shows this system buried by the Omu Sequence and re-establishment of the epithermal system. It was this phase that produced the veins that come to surface around Honpi. Bottom shows Honpi in its current state, somewhat tilted and eroded. Irving drilled shallow holes to test for near-surface veins. Hole 21OMI-002 tested these same veins but encountered a sinter-rich sequence from approximately 240-340m down hole ending in volcanic and sedimentary rocks, the Kamiomu Formation. Sinter was found down slope from Honpi where it comes to surface. Irving believes the feeder for the sinter to be below the main vein, Honpi. Deep Au-Ag-rich veins encountered in hole 19OMI-010, a deep hole drilled off section from this image, may be part of this lower feeder. Irving rates this target with highest priority for follow up drilling in early 2022.




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