Figure 5


Detailed core photos from drill holes discussed in this release; A) SDH19-126 Bx5 East, 245.0m, shingle breccia with chalcopyrite dement; B) SDH19-126 Bx5 East, 356.15m, vuggy tourmaline breccia with coarsely crystalline chalcopyrite and siderite; C) SDH19-127 Bx5 East, 417.65m, mosaic breccia with tourmaline-replaced clasts and chalcopyrite matric; D) SDH19-127 Bx5 East, 478.1m, mosaic breccia with chalcopyrite-replaced clasts and chalcopyrite cement; E) SDH19-120 Bx6, 89.75m, mosaic breccia with tourmaline-chalcopyrite-pyrite-sphalerite cement; curvilinear fragments may represent decompressive shock textures; F) SDH19-122 Bx6, 236.95m, contact between lithic tuff wall rock with sheeted veining and tourmaline breccia.




Chakana Copper Corp.