Figure 2: July 25th, 2019 Cross Section 10350E

July 25th, 2019 Cross Section 10350E

Figure 2: Cross-section 10350E, Leprechaun Deposit, showing the 30 to 90 meter-wide, moderately NW dipping Main Zone corridor composed of thick and laterally extensive high-grade gold mineralization within en-echelon, shallow SW dipping QTP-Au veining. Note the fire assay intervals 4.49 g/t Au over 41.0 meters, 3.28 g/t Au over 21.0 meters and 10.33 g/t Au over 11.0 meters in VL-19-719 as well as previously released 4.24 g/t Au over 74.0 meters and 6.94 g/t Au over 24.0 meters in VL-19-711 and 2.62 g/t Au over 31.0 meters in VL-19-715.



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