Hugin First Out with Information from the Norex Companies

NORWAY, May 16, 2000 (PRIMEZONE) -- With help from one of the new information services from HUGIN , Scandinavian companies on the Norex Stock Exchange reach analysts and the media, quickly and easily. This is the first information service that covers the entire Norex market. The service includes e-mail distribution to subscribers, as well as, other information services at:

"In the first place, the 300 companies that make up HUGIN's existing information services today are included and these enable us to reach a larger target group in a more efficient way," says Ejvind Henriksen, Managing Director for HUGIN Denmark.

Around six thousand professional financial actors subscribe to information from the Scandinavian companies via HUGIN's e-mail service. Ejvind Henriksen sees great growth potential both with regard to companies that need the Norex service and the growing number of interested actors who, today, find it difficult to gain access to information.

"With the joining together of the London and Frankfurt stock exchanges, the Scandinavian market risks landing in the shadows if companies do not actively engage in market communication and establish long-term connections with shareholders and investors", says Ejvind Henriksen.


HUGIN is one of the leading European distributors of corporate and financial information. HUGIN distributes financial information through different electronic channels including Internet, email, WAP/SMS and wire services targeted at professional users. Today HUGIN provides services on behalf of more than 330 publicly listed companies in the Nordic market in the UK, Switzerland, Germany and the Benelux.


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