Hits it Big With FreeLotto Alliance to Offer the Most Guaranteed Cash Prizes Online

LOS ANGELES, August 24, 2000 (PRIMEZONE) --, Inc., creators of the first online marketplace for consumer information, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with FreeLotto, the Internet's #1 free lottery site. With the FreeLotto partnership, MValue will launch, which will allow its members to participate in the easiest online sweepstakes offering the most guaranteed cash prizes, including an opportunity to win $1,000,000.00.

SweepSurf members increase their chances to win cash and prizes with every minute spent online - even when reading email. Starting in September, SweepSurf will be giving away cash instant win prizes every minute, $50 per hour, $1,000 per day, a new car each month, and a grand prize of $1 million. FreeLotto was actively involved in the design of the program and will provide on-going prize administration for SweepSurf.

"This relationship with FreeLotto provides us with the opportunity to better serve both our members and our advertising partners," said Jay Haynes, CEO of MValue, "We are extremely proud to be partnering with a Top 20 web property and we are excited about the tremendous market advantage it gives us."

The SweepSurf and FreeLotto partnership is expected to increase traffic and build membership for both websites. SweepSurf members will have the opportunity to receive greater cash rewards for their time online and FreeLotto members will have yet another compelling game to play and win.

SweepSurf is also a big win for MValue's advertising partners. By teaming with Freelotto, MValue will immediately expand its reach while also broadening its demographic base with higher income members and more female shoppers. In addition to its highly targeted advertising platform, MValue offers web retailers direct access to consumers in its privacy-protected MExchange environment. This creates a powerful one-to-one consumer relationship and provides a wide range of advertising options.

"By partnering with MValue to launch, FreeLotto can offer a new and compelling game with more chances for our members to win cash and prizes. Additionally, by co-branding the SweepSurf sweepstakes panel, we will drive members back to play our FreeLotto games everyday." said Kevin J. Aronin, CEO of FreeLotto.


Los Angeles-based, Inc. ( was founded in 1999 to benefit online consumers and web retailers. The Company's flagship program,, serves as an online companion to consumers -- enabling them to win cash and prizes when they surf the web. With SweepSurf, consumers can also protect their privacy and "opt-in" to voluntarily sell their click-stream data and other personal information to advertisers one-to-one. MValue is a permission-based aggregator of online behavioral data that web retailers and advertisers can use to improve the effectiveness of their advertising by using highly targeted data that matches them with the best potential customers. Through its patented MExchange technology and communications Panel, MValue is able to offer true one-to-one advertising and the most highly targeted advertising on the web.


Launched in June of 1999, FreeLotto has become the #1 sweepstakes site, with more than 12 million online users per month, as well as one of the Internet's premier advertising opportunities. FreeLotto, a free online sweepstakes, offers daily grand prizes of up to $10 million. In order to play, users register (name, address and e-mail) and play a lotto-like game by choosing 6 numbers (or 7 numbers in the $10 million FreeLotto Superbucks game). They then click on one of three advertising banners to register their numbers. This unique direct response vehicle offers advertisers extensive targeting capabilities at efficient rates. FreeLotto matches its extensive offline data resources with player registration for real time targeting. Players are more likely to respond to advertising as they will be served only banners likely to interest them. Advertisers can extend targeting by posing proprietary questions about issues such as specific online purchasing interests.


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