Tele Danmark: Safe ADSL to TDC Internet Customers

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Feb. 8, 2001 (PRIMEZONE)-- As the first Danish Internet provider, TDC Internet now offers ADSL customers protection against hackers. ADSL connections to the Internet have been criticized for their always-on access, which gives hackers more time to attack the computer.

TDC Internet now introduces a safety solution for residential and business customers based around firewalls forming a shield against outsiders trying to obtain access to a computer.

"We have chosen to offer a Norton Personal Firewall because it is easy to use, technically the best one at the price, and it has an excellent updating function," says Per B. Hansen, head of security at TDC Internet.

The firewall is an additional bonus on top of the Norton Antivirus, which can still be downloaded for free if you are a customer with TDC Internet.

From April 1, TDC Internet offers all business customers a firewall solution with a SonicWALL, which is administered and maintained by TDC Internet. The software and hardware is easy to install and once installed, TDC Internet's safety group, S@feForce, operates the protection system centrally. S@feforce is a member of the international CERT cooperation and has access to all the latest information on hackers, weaknesses and current news.

"We are very pleased that we can now offer a solution to our business customers, which makes their ADSL connection safer without the additional burden for the customer of operating and maintaining a professional firewall. The safety is maintained in the new firewall concept by TDC's security specialists," says Per B.Hansen.


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