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MINNEAPOLIS, Mar. 7, 2001 (PRIMEZONE) --, the anonymous and enigmatic website launched in November 1998, has just released its first commercial product titled First Source: Volume 1. With more than half a million visitors to its website since its inception, has introduced one of the web's most compelling, and certainly most popular mythologies.

The website introduced a secretive, unacknowledged department of the National Security Agency called the Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO). Dr. Neruda, a highly placed scientist from the ACIO, defected in 1998, and, in secret meetings with an anonymous journalist from Los Angeles, disclosed the nature of one of the ACIO's most important discoveries: a time capsule from an extraterrestrial race known as the WingMakers.

Dr. Neruda was instrumental in both the discovery and analysis of the WingMakers' time capsule and the various artifacts left behind by this ancient race. He defected from the ACIO in part because he believed the discovery should be made public. The WingMakers' website represents the artifacts from the WingMakers' time capsule that were recently discovered in a remote section of northern New Mexico, near an important Native American site known as Chaco Canyon.

The First Source product is extremely content-rich, ranging from 60-minutes of original music that can be played on any CD player; dozens of complex and engaging graphics and paintings; three philosophical essays; an electronic book; glossary of terms; three interview transcripts of Dr. Neruda; a complete paintings gallery with very high-resolution images suitable for printing; a poetry book; and additional content that is secreted away behind hidden passages and passwords.

All of the content within the First Source CD-ROM derives from the WingMakers' time capsule. It is a collection of rich philosophical text, cosmology, and amazing paintings and musical compositions that -- for many people -- have re-ignited their belief in intelligent life outside our solar system. It also provides a rare, in-depth perspective into the behind-the-scenes agenda of our innermost, clandestine government operations and the brilliant people who lead them.

First Source Volume 1 is available for purchase at the website for an introductory price of $17.99. Delivery is available worldwide. Coming in April, limited edition prints will also be made available of the chamber paintings discovered in the time capsule. In May, a new music CD will be released for chambers 18-24. is one of the hubs of the enlightenment community on the Internet. It provides an important contribution to our ongoing search for the roots of humankind's existence and a fascinating vision of where it will go in the future. has produced this innovative title on its proprietary Web-CD platform, which includes a built-in music player, browser-based navigation, seamless web interaction, and the use of Adobe Reader plug-in technology.

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