Birdstep Technology to Demonstrate WLAN/3G Integration With Ericsson at iNET 2001

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, June 5, 2001 (PRIMEZONE) - Birdstep Technology ASA (OSE:BIRD).

Pervasive computing devices such as Laptops, PDAs and smart phones are supporting an increasingly nomadic lifestyle among both IT professionals and the general public. At this year's iNET conference Birdstep will, together with Ericsson, showcase seamless roaming between different wireless infrastructures

Norwegian software vendor, Birdstep Technology, will together with Ericsson demonstrate client software that allows session transparent IP roaming for nomadic users between selected mobile and fixed access technologies, such as GSM/GPRS, UMTS, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, xDSL and HiperLAN2. For the nomadic user this means that simple, secure, and seamless access to, for example, the office LAN, is extended into the public network infrastructure.

In an everyday scenario, a nomadic user will be able to maintain an uninterrupted application session (such as a video conference, for example), while moving from the office, through UMTS or GPRS access while in a car, to a customer location where Wireless LAN is provided.

"We have put a lot of effort into incorporating network awareness in our solution and providing means for adaptive applications. We are proud to demonstrate this new and exciting technology together with Ericsson," says Haakon Bryhni, CTO at Birdstep.

About INET:

INET is the premier event in the Internet industry, providing an international forum for advancing the development and implementation of Internet networks, technologies, applications, and policies. The world's Internet leaders meet at INET conferences to exchange experiences and shape the future of the Internet. INET attendees examine strategic issues emanating from the Internet's impact on commerce and finance, education, technologies and societies. INET 2001 presents a strong technical program with all papers peer reviewed by industry experts from around the world. INET 2001 is the eleventh annual Internet Global Summit, and will be held in Stockholm from June 5-8, 2001. This year's theme is "A Net Odyssey - Mobility and the Internet." More information is available from

About Birdstep Technology ASA

Birdstep Technology is the developer of Birdstep DataBase Engine, an award winning, Ultra Small Footprint data manipulation and storage engine for any kind of data structure. It runs on operating systems such as Win32, Windows CE, Pocket PC, Linux, VxWorks, Elate, the Symbian Platform, pSOS, QNX and Palm/OS. The Birdstep DataBase Engine is targeted at devices such as mobile phones, PDAs/PWAs and Embedded Systems. In addition to database technology, the company also provides wireless technology infrastructure solutions such as Birdstep IP Zone Software and Birdstep Intelligent Mobile IP Software. Birdstep was founded in August 1996 and has offices in Oslo, Norway and in San Jose, USA. More information is provided on


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