Pervasys Initiates Its Studio Convergence at Lone Star Studios

Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES

LOS ANGELES, July 5, 2001 (PRIMEZONE) -- On July 5, 2001 Pervasys, Inc. (Pink Sheets:PVYS), in conjunction with Martin Halfon, will formally open its first Studio Convergence operation at Lone Star Studios ( located in Sylmar, Calif.

Lone Star is presently host to Columbia/Tri Star Pictures' "Ripley's Believe it or Not" television show (Columbia/Tri Star Pictures is a division of Sony Entertainment (NYSE:SNE)).

Since opening in September 2000, they have provided sound stage facilities to Warner Bros.' (a division of AOL Time Warner (NYSE:AOL)/Eon Enterprises) "Burly Man" feature film, New Line/Avery Pix's "Diablo," Revolution studio's "Stealing Stanford," and Touchstone Television's ABC pilot (a division of Disney (NYSE:DSE)) "The Court," starring Sally Field. Lone Star's facilities include four large sound stages of 180 x 150 feet, 150 x 100 feet, 150 x 80 feet and 150 x 75 feet, respectively

Pervasys Chairman, Michael Meyer, stated, "We have designed some unique Internet broadcast and videoconferencing equipment, which we believe will provide Lone Star Studios and its clients time and cost-saving advantages over other similar facilities. We are evaluating the idea of placing 6 cameras along the front wall of the studio, 2 along the side wall near the main gate, and 4 cameras each on the respective sound stages. This would provide a complete Internet-based monitoring and security system, including 24 cameras, and 6 FeLIX servers. We also anticipate incorporating the wireless technologies from Consolidated Gold Win Ventures (CDNX:CGW). Currently, we are investigating the offerings of several backbone and high-end service providers for the furnishing of bandwidth to the studio in order to expand the Convergence Studio capability of Lone Star into full interactive Internet capability.

The Convergence Studio concept, as previously released on June 27, 2001, entails 9 modular elements, which allows a great deal of customization and scalability.

Meyer noted, "Frequently, film production offices are far removed from their actual production sites. The FeLIX preview camera system will allow producers and other designated persons to check details of set design, construction, wardrobe and other production elements before they are committed to film. Because the convergence studios will be Internet ready, clients will have the opportunity to broadcast live from the set either internally to their organization, or to rebroadcast any phases of the live audio and video widely for promotional purposes."

Meyer believes that "Loan Star will provide an excellent opportunity in incubate and expand our vision for Convergence Studio concepts for future deployment."

Beginning July 5, 2001, Pervasys' Convergence Studio can be reached at Loan Star at (818) 365-1957.

The Pervasys technical team is based in California and Vancouver, B.C. Management, marketing and administrative offices are located in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Canada, and Seoul, Korea. Detailed information on Pervasys and its technologies can be found at

Among the Company's market ready innovations are: the Afterburner(TM) Web server, the FeLIX Streaming Video Producer, FeLIX Video Broadcast Servers and Rebroadcast Servers, FeLIX Videoconferencing units, proprietary Forward Error Correcting Internet protocols, and P.E.N.S. pervasive balanced networking solutions. These products are designed to promote multimedia convergence by overcoming current Internet constraints in bandwidth availability and routing efficiency, especially as applied to the transmission of high-quality video and audio content.

 Further information on Pervasys products can be obtained on, or by contacting: Michael Meyer (U.S.) 
 (323) 571- 3717, (818) 365-1957,
 Brian Sammartino (Canada), (604) 732-1291. 
 Chan Son Jeon (Korea), 02-698-1279

For Financial Relations contact Glen Chazak, DeBenn Capital, (310) 285-4602.

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