Birdstep Technology Demonstrates Capabilities and Takes a Stand in the Growing Market for Public and Enterprise Wireless Solutions

OSLO, Norway, Sept. 11, 2001 (PRIMEZONE) -- Unveiling its IP Zone Software Portfolio, Birdstep Technology (OSE:BIRD) today announced no less than three contracts within the fast growing market for public and enterprise wireless solutions.

Instead of waiting for the promised 3rd generation mobile solutions provided by technologies such as GPRS and UMTS, Birdstep Technology is now providing solutions based on complementary and alternative technologies based solutions targeted at the public- and enterprise marketplace.

There is a growing demand for wireless solutions in densely populated areas such as airports, cafes, train stations and other public places, as well as enterprise applications in office buildings, hospitals, off-shore installations and alike.

The Birdstep IP Zone Software Portfolio, a part the Birdstep Wireless Solution Environment (BWiSE), is a set of enabling technologies allowing corporations, operators, content service providers and other interest groups to deploy and maintain wireless solutions within their specific market segments. The Birdstep software and solution utilizes communication infrastructures such as wireless LAN (WLAN), HiperLanII and Bluetooth as carriers of information between the content and end users' PDA and laptops.

The IP Zone Software Portfolio consist of the IP Zone server network access controller, the IP Zone Nomadic Portal for local, enterprise and personal content and the IP Zone Billing Server for access and service payment.

"Our software differs dramatically from other vendors' solutions in that we provide functions for user authentication, multiple billing methods, local- and central administration, in addition to an 'always connected' function (Birdstep Intelligent Mobile IP Client) between WLAN and GSM/GPRS/UMTS. Moreover, we even provide the end user with the capability to download information to their PDA and laptops for use outside the wireless 'hotspot' by means of the Birdstep XML Database," says CTO Dr. Haakon Bryhni.

Leveraging the latest development in wireless communication technology and services, companies such as UpGrade Communication, Telenor Mobile and Ericsson Norway, Telenor Nextra and BaneTele have all embarked on a co-operation with Birdstep, utilizing the IP Zone Software Portfolio. Their solutions will span everything from public- to professional services as well as enterprise uses.

Emerging wireless technologies will have a dramatical impact on both our private and professional lives. The wireless future is now. Birdstep Technology is part of that future, allowing people and businesses to take advantage of information technologies and services without boundaries.

About Birdstep Technology ASA

Birdstep Technology is the developer of a set of integrated products and solutions targeted at the fast growing market of wirelessly-connected devices and embedded systems. Birdstep's portfolio consists of the Birdstep XML DataBase Engine, an award-winning, small footprint native XML database, Birdstep Synchronization, Birdstep IP Zone Software for building secure, billable business solutions within wireless public and enterprise portals, and Birdstep Intelligent Mobile IP Client, software enabling true mobility across various communication infrastructures. Birdstep was founded in August 1996 and has offices in Oslo, Norway and in San Jose, USA.

Also note additional relevant news today: Birdstep Technology to acquire assets of US software vendor Centura Software.


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