Report on Year 2001 Operations for the ICA Ahold AB Group

Stockholm, SWEDEN

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, March 13, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- ICA Ahold AB Group:

 -- Overall store sales up more than the market.
 -- Earnings before interest and taxes and amortization increased by
    18% to MSEK 2,210 (1,874).
 -- Continued strong financial position.

Financial Information in Summary*

                                             2001        2000
 Net sales, MSEK                           65,298      61,343
 EBITDA, MSEK                               3,294       2,785
 EBITA, MSEK                                2,210       1,874
 Total assets, MSEK                        48,997      46,811
 EBITA margin, percent                        3.4         3.1
 Equity/assets ratio, percent                63.2        65.9

 * ICA Ahold AB acquired all shares in ICA AB during April 2000.
   To make a comparison with last year relevant pro forma numbers
   has been prepared for year 2000.

Comment by the Chairman

- 2001 has been one of our most successful years so far. Store sales have been very strong, particularly in Sweden. The Group result is our best ever. We are in an excellent position for future growth, further improvement of our results, and to continue to serve our customers well in an increasingly competitive marketplace, says Stein Erik Hagen, ICA Ahold AB chairman.

The ICA Group 2001

ICA Handlarnas AB successfully launched a new business model for the relation with the independent retailers during the year.

Hakon Gruppen focused on the Rimi brand and remodelled 70 ICA Supermarkets to Rimi Stormarked.

ICA Ahold has continued its expansion in the Baltics during the year. One hypermarket opened in Riga in May and two in Vilnius in December.

In Denmark ICA Ahold has increased the ownership in ISO to 50.1 percent.

ICA Menyforetagen has started a rationalisation process in order to serve the customer better and increase profitability.

Statoil Detaljhandel has continued the roll out of ICA Express and developed a new concept for smaller units.

ICA Banken received bank license during the summer and made a soft launch with increased value for the customers. More services will be added in 2002.

ICA Ahold opened two Etos stores in Stockholm in February 2002. Etos is a Dutch drugstore concept.

ICA Ahold and Dansk Supermarket have entered a joint venture and plans to open hard discount stores in Sweden and Norway. The first stores will open in May 2002.

The Market


The ICA retailers increased sales by 5.9 percent during the year (5.1 % for comparable stores). This is better than the total for the sector, which increased by 5.0 %. The Maxi, Kvantum and Rimi stores had the best sales development within ICA. Total store sales amounted to 72.6 BSEK (incl. VAT).


The sales in Hakon Gruppen's stores increased by 1.0 % in 2001. Discount stores continued to increase at the expense of traditional supermarkets on the Norwegian market. The largest increase within Hakon Gruppen was seen for Rimi. Total store sales for Hakon Gruppen amounted to 21.0 BNOK (excl. VAT).

The Baltic Region

Sales for ICA Baltic's stores in the Baltic countries continued to grow and amounted to 2.1 (1.3) BSEK.

Parent Company

The parent company had no sales during the period. The EBIT was MSEK 0 (0).

This release has not been audited by the Company's auditors.

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