80-Foot Long, 8,000-Pound Douglas Fir Tree Delivered to Pier 40 to be Shaped Into the Mast of the Tall Ship Gazela

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES


 WHEN:  ARRIVES: Sunday, July 28 at 6 a.m.

        Columbus Blvd. at Christian St.
        Philadelphia, Pa.

 WHAT:  Traveling all the way from Washington state, a portion of
        Delaware Avenue will be closed as the tree is transferred
        onto the pier.

        As part of the renovations of the tall ship, the Gazela, the
        Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild contacted several 
        companies about replacing the deteriorated mast. Due to the
        generosity of several companies, both the cost of the tree and
        its transportation were donated.

        --  Weyerhaeuser Forest Products donated the tree valued at
            more than $7,000.

        --  CSX TRANSFLO Logistics Services arranged free 
            transportation by railroad car for the 80-foot pole in
            return for limited use of the Gazela image in future

        --  CMC Equipment Rental has also donated their time to assist
            in transferring the tree onto the pier.

BACKGROUND: The mizzen mast of the Gazela was removed in December 2000, at the start of the ongoing deck-replacement project being completed by the Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild. In the summer 2001, the crew noticed the wood had deteriorated, rendering it unsafe for sailing. Crew members donated over $6,000 towards the replacement, and that money will now be used to pay a professional shipwright to shape the tree into the finished mast.


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