The Sony Everquest EQ Invasion Tour 2002 Bringing an Online Fantasy World to Penn's Landing

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES


 When:  Friday, August 16 / Saturday, August 17
        11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

 Where: Penn's Landing Walnut Street Plaza
        Columbus Blvd and Walnut St., 
        Philadelphia, Pa.

 What:  Stopping in more than 10 U.S. Cities this summer, the EQ 
        Invasion Tour will offer the ultimate in PC gaming experience.
        Everquest is more than a computer game, it is the No. 1 online
        role playing game with more than 420,000 other players. 
        Players embark upon quests in a world full of magical spells,
        giant scorpions, barbarians, dark elves, and many more unique
        and unusual characters and powers.

The tour features a cargo trailer equipped with 13 Sony VAIO computers and 13 Sound Systems, and will provide a meeting place for current and future Everquest fans. Fans will have a chance to test drive the game, talk to people behind the Everquest phenomenon and meet players in the local area. Each tour stop includes Classic Everquest game giveaways along with other prizes including audio speakers and systems.

Background: For more information, please visit

This tour is part of one of the many festivals, concerts and events taking place at Penn's Landing this summer. For more information on this or any other event, call 215.922.2FUN or visit


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