Cardio Control: New Product Increases Its Market Potential Significantly


DELFT, The Netherlands, Oct. 1, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- Cardio Control NV (Amsterdam:CADI), the leading Dutch innovator in medical diagnostic systems for the PC-environment, expands its product range by adding the 24-hour Holter ECG systems.

An exclusive distribution agreement was signed last week for more then 50 countries with a leading technology company in this field from the United States. This agreement supplies Cardio Control NV with the essential components for these Holter ECG systems, which will be marketed and sold as one of the modules of the Cardio Control Workstation. This Holter ECG system monitors and stores a patient's heartbeat for 24 hours with a small digital recorder. Intelligent software analyzes this recording after it is downloaded into a computer.

In a statement, Mr. Dick van Luijk, Cardio Control's CEO, stated: "Adding Holter ECG as a module to our Workstation concept gives us an edge in the market. Our product portfolio is more complete than all of our competitors thanks to the built-in database and Webview functionality, using the latest IT-developments. Wireless and handheld applications can be developed easily for our Workstation platform, for example, the hospital markets and home care."

Van Luijk expects a positive contribution of the Holter ECG agreement to Cardio Control's revenue and profit in the last quarter of this year. In an earlier forward-looking statement, it was mentioned this year would be profitable. The third quarter, closing today, has met expectations; causing also a profitable first 9 months of the year. Third quarter earnings will be published on October 15.


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