Thousands of Gays Speak Out in the Largest Annual Gay Consumer Study

Fayetteville, New York, UNITED STATES

SYRACUSE, N.Y., Nov. 22, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) --

       92% of Gay Respondents Are Out to Their Friends
           22% of Lesbian Respondents Are Parents
   82% Prefer to Purchase from Known Gay-Friendly Companies

The 2002 Gay & Lesbian Consumer Online Census finished with 8,831 participants, a 39 percent increase over the number of respondents in 2001. The annual study, conducted by GLCensus Partners, is the largest an in-depth look into the consumer behavior of the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender (GLBT) community.

Respondents needed 45 minutes on average to complete the survey, which was available online from July 9-August 20, at While the number of participants rose dramatically, many of the results are remarkably consistent with those from the previous year.

"The consistency between the data sets is one of our key findings," said Amy Falkner of Syracuse University, lead researcher on the project. "With a group as difficult to survey as the GLBT community, the similarity in the results, even with a nearly 40% increase in participation, means we are getting a clear picture of what this community is like. The results should be of interest to everyone -- from social scientists to politicians to corporate America."

The 2001 and 2002 Gay & Lesbian Consumer Online Census is an endeavor of the GLCensus Partners (, a partnership between the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, and advertising and public relations firm OpusComm Group, Inc., which specializes in consultation of sensitivity issues and market plan development for all types of advertisers to target the GLBT community.

Here is a look at the similarities between the 2001 and 2002 results:

                                        2001        2002
                                        ----        ----
 # of respondents                      6,351       8,831

                                        2001        2002
                                        ----        ----

 % of male respondents                  54.8%       54.2%
 % of female respondents                44.1%       44.8%

 % intersexed/other                      1.1%          1%

 Median age                               35          37

 In a committed relationship              51%       51.1%

 U.S. registered voters                 89.8%         90%

 Being "out"
 "out" to friends                       91.8%       92.3%

 College graduate                       36.7%       37.2%
 Graduate School degree                 20.5%       21.4%

 Percentage who are affiliated
  with a particular religion            65.3%       63.7%

 Gay-Friendly/Purchase behavior
 % of respondents who are more likely to buy products or purchase
   services from companies they know are gay-friendly
                                          82%         82%

 % that have children under 18 living at home
 Female respondents                     22.7%       21.7%
 Male respondents                        5.2%        4.9%

"This year's results solidify that parenting is an important component to our survey base and proposes a strong market for those advertisers looking to grow their markets that are targeted to families," said Jeffrey Garber, president of OpusComm Group Inc., and founder of the GLCensus Partner's study.

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