MuniNet Guide & Review Makes City of Philadelphia's a `Top Pick' Web Site

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 10, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- In its sixth year of recognizing outstanding Web sites, MuniNet Guide & Review has selected Philadelphia as one of its "Top Picks" among government Web sites in the country.

"With links like `Find a Job' and `My Recreation Center,' the City of Brotherly Love caters to the full gamut of individuals' needs," MuniNet stated in its most recent issue. "Like any noteworthy municipal site, Philadelphia provides an array of information to make its constituents' lives simpler, including step-by-step details on how to obtain a building permit, information on cars available for auction, and a way to pay parking tickets online."

"The City of Philadelphia's Web site has come a long way by following Mayor Street's vision to provide residents and businesses with a dynamic online resource for interacting with the city," said Dianah L. Neff, Chief Information Officer, City of Philadelphia. "In the last two weeks, the Board of Revision of Taxes has unveiled and the Department of Revenue has launched a site for tracking city taxes at"

Mardee Alvaro, editor of MuniNet Guide & Review, said that over the past few years, municipal governments have improved how they interact with those they have been entrusted to serve.

"While the overall sophistication of Web sites continues to increase, the main trend we witnessed over the past year is a heightened focus on customer service," said Alvaro. "More than ever before, citizens are being treated like valued customers, and this shift is evident online."

This year's "Top Picks" for county or local government Web sites offer several basic elements, including budget and financial information, opportunities for two-way communication, economic development materials, and online service delivery. They also possess "something extra" in terms of style.

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