Contract Between Kitron and Saab TransponderTech

Billingstad, NORWAY

A Revolutionary New Product
The AIS Transponder System which Saab TransponderTech developed is considered to be as revolutionizing as radar was when it was introduced during WWII. The AIS System, though, can "see" through islets and skerries, which radar can not. In addition, the system registers the course, speed and maneuvers of nearby vessels.

Kitron Has STT's Complete Trust
"Kitron's competence is impressive," says Magnus Persson, Director of Operations at STT. "But we need even more than broad competence. We're also dependent on having a partner able to cope with a nearly explosive increase in demand for our product. Kitron has the resources to do that, and we feel secure that our product is now in safe hands."

Partner in Quality
Quality assurance is crucial for STT. "We must be certain we have first class quality assurance before we send our products out for installation all over the world. Kitron's competence in testing strategies and the development of testing systems was pivotal in our choosing them as our partner," Persson says.