Western Media Group Announces Letter of Intent to Acquire ITES LLC


COMMACK, N.Y., May 22, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- Western Media Group Corporation (OTCBB:WMGC) is pleased to announce it has entered into a Letter of Intent to acquire ITES LLC("ITES"). ITES provides IT Enabled Services to its clients. The acquisition is aimed at benefiting from the synergies that exist between ITES and one of Western Media's subsidiaries, Med-Link USA, Inc., and the development of its Virtual Private Network (VPN). Both companies have begun negotiations on a definitive agreement.

ITES is a New York-based company that specializes in outsourcing IT Enabled Services overseas, which allows for companies to achieve significant improvements in cost, quality and time, while creating platforms for building new business. Some of the services offered through ITES are:

Call Center - combines data communication, voice communication, and data processing.

Help Desk - provides the ability to solve customer problems accurately and professionally in all aspects of business from technical support to accounting back office support.

Market Research - provides clients with direct marketing to a targeted customer base.

Telemarketing - inbound or outbound services

Fulfillment - telephone based or Internet on-line services.

Medical Billing Services - HIPAA compliant filing of claims of medical services providers with insurance companies and the collection of the charges due to them.

Medical Transcription Services - interpretation and conversion of digitized audio recordings into text format that can be stored and retrieved easily.

Accounting Services - corporate accounting services involving financial and management accounting, receivables / payables management, payroll processing and insurance claims processing.

For more information about ITES please visit at www.itesus.com

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