Ex-Gencor Shareholders Welcomed as Shareholders of Implats

Houghton 2198, Marshalltown, SOUTH AFRICA

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, June 10, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- Following the unbundling of Gencor, ex-Gencor shareholders are able totrade as Implats (JSE:Imp) (LSE:Impla) (ADRS:Impuy) shareholders with effect from today (10 June 2003). In a letter sent to this new group of shareholders, Implats' chairman Peter Joubert welcomed them, wishing them a long and fruitful association with the company.

As a consequence of the unbundling, Implats' free-float has increasedsignificantly to 100%, which will result in improved liquidity of the share on international markets. At the same time, the company's rating, in respect of particularly the MSCI index, should also improve in line with the increase in the free float.

 Toll free numbers have been set up to address any queries by ex-
 Gencor shareholders as follows:
 South Africa: 0800 203 964
 United Kingdom and Europe: 0800 015 5762
 United States: 1866 245 4351


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