Nexus Launches Nexus Neon, the Next Generation of Advanced Business Messaging

Linkoping, SWEDEN

LINKOPING, Sweden, June 19, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- Nexus: combining the best of today's Nexus Memo solution with the new, Linux- based Nexus Neon, Nexus Secured Messaging provides a state-of-the art, centralised business messaging system based on Internet standards.

This will give enterprise customers the functionality they want in the secure, stable environment they need, and with the cost-effectiveness they demand.

Peter Johansson, from Nexus Secured Messaging, said messaging has evolved beyond basic e-mail: "It is increasingly seen as a mission- critical application. As such, large organisations are discovering the need for a secure, stable messaging platform that integrates easily into their processes.

"At the same time, Internet standards have become the de facto industry standards, providing a high degree of interoperability between different systems and suppliers."

Nexus is committed to providing Enterprise solutions to Enterprise customers. Market trends toward centralisation, security, Linux, and Internet standards provide the foundation for the next generation of business messaging.

Nexus Neon is that new generation. But Peter Johansson stresses that the latest development of Nexus Secured Messaging does not mean that work on Nexus Memo on OS/390 will stop. "Nexus Memo and Nexus Neon will be developed in parallel," he said. "Indeed, you will be able to run Nexus Memo on OS/390 as long as you like.

"What Nexus Neon offers is a step-by-step move from OS/390 to the Linux world. This seamless transition allows you to integrate changes into your organisation at a pace you choose, without any disruption in service."

At the same time, Nexus Neon itself adds significant value to your system, providing the latest in standards-based access and interoperability, security, and new features and functions. It combines the scalability and extensibility you need with the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) on the market.

The TCO of Nexus' Secured Messaging is at least 80-90% less than either Lotus Notes or Microsoft Exchange. (Source: The Radicati Report, 2001) That means typical savings of Euro 100 per user, per annum. Neon will satisfy the total requirements of at least 80% of your workforce, bringing you huge cost savings across the business. Neon has by far the highest levels of uptime in its class, providing 99.9%+ availability. Neon has far lower bandwidth requirements, supporting more users with less investment. The day you decide to turn off Nexus Memo, Nexus Neon will continue to provide the secure, stable, cost-effective business messaging you have come to expect from Nexus Secured Messaging, but with even more features.

Nexus Neon is designed to make the most of enterprises' existing investments. Built on proven Nexus technology, Nexus Neon can be introduced step by step as demand arises. This means no hefty investments in hardware and personnel; there are no huge retraining costs for users or staff.

A seamless transition allows you to choose the services you need and introduce them at your own pace. As new functionality and services become available, you can add them to your existing Nexus Memo system with little fuss.

For administrative staff, adding functions requires little more than installing and configuring the software. End users will simply notice increased functionality. And your financial department will see an excellent return on your Nexus Memo investment.

The new features and functions offered by Nexus Neon include:

* Outlook client access to Nexus Secured Messaging * Full MIME support, enabling rich text with imbedded audio and video files * UNICODE support * PKI support - digital signatures and encryption * Mobility - access and synchronisation to/with handheld devices * POP/IMAP access * Calendar integration with any iCAL-compliant calendar system

Some of these features and functions will be available in the first version of Nexus Neon, launched today.

For further information, please contact: Peter Johansson, Nexus Secured Messaging, Secured Business Solutions, Technology Nexus AB, phone: +46 704 20 60 75, e-mail:

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Messaging has evolved beyond basic e-mail, and it increasingly see as a mission-critical application. Large organisations are discovering the need for a secure, stable messaging platform that integrates easily into their processes. At the same time, Internet standards have become de facto industry standards, providing high degrees of interoperability between disparate systems and suppliers. Nexus is committed to providing suitable solutions to its enterprise customers. Market trends toward centralisation, security, Linux and Internet standards provide the foundation for the next generation of business e-mail. Our customers are large international enterprises such as Banco Bilbao, Peugeot, Allianz, Renault, Allied Irish Bank, Swiss Railway, etc See also

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